Friday, September 22, 2023

My boy Avery is finally here!!!

 On September 17 at 4:46 am Mountain Time, my son Avery was born to very beleaguered and exhausted parents.  That is an ordeal that none of the parties involved will ever forget.

The adventure got underway at about 6:30 Saturday morning when my wife woke me up to tell me that her water had broke.  I knew that was a sure sign that the baby's birth was imminent so it was time to head out for the hospital.  There was literally no time for anything else.  We checked in and the doctors did their usual evaluation, looking at dilation of various parts and things.  We were initially sent home because we were told there were still hours to wait yet.  So we were back for for a small bit.  I took that time to have a shower.  Then, when her contractions were getting more intense and closer together, we were right back at that hospital again.

My wife assumed that this delivery would be quick because of previous experience.  When our daughter was born 14 years ago, there was only an hour between water breaking and full delivery.  She naturally thought that would happen again.  But nope.  This labour went on for hours and hours.  Of course, the maternity staff were busy with other babies being born at that time, so a lot of that time was just the both of us waiting on a bed in a room not knowing how any of this would go down.

When it was finally our turn, the staff was right there instructing my wife to "PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH".  I acted as a "human stirrup" in that endeavour by holding her leg up.  What else are husbands for?  Sadly, all of that pushing was to no avail.  All that came out was a small amount of poop, but no baby.  At that point, they used the dreaded phrase "C section".  We were both taken to another room full of big lights and beeping machines (none of which went PING to my disappointment).  I sat near my wife while they put a tarp over her lower part so that we couldn't see what they were doing.

In just a few short minutes it was done.  Little baby Avery was finally out of his mother's womb and amongst the rest of us.  It was a joyous and happy moment for me of course.  However, I really really felt so bad for Avery.  Upon being birthed, he was placed on a small bed surrounded by people wearing yellow gowns and face masks (me being one of them).  One nurse felt there was still too much amniotic fluid in his system.  So, to alleviate that problem, she inserted a hose very far into his nose in order to suck it all out.  Then proceeded to insert another hose into his mouth to catch what she missed.  To me, that looked like a nightmare scenario, especially for someone who has just entered to world having no idea what anything is.  Yes, I know that all of that needed to be done in order to ensure survival, but Avery didn't know that and there's no way he could've known.  He was having a miserable time at that point.

It didn't stop there either.  They let my wife hold him for a bit.  Then, while he wasn't looking, a nurse gave him a quick Vitamin K shot in his leg and slipped away before he knew what was happening.  I'll never forget Avery's reaction to that.  He didn't just cry.  He had gotten a lot of his crying out during the previous ordeal I mentioned.  No, this was more of an angry cry.  I was reminded of every Al Pacino performance I had ever seen.  Avery's cry seemed to be saying "HEY! WHO DID THAT?!  WHO STUCK ME?!  I WANT ANSWERS!!  WAS IT FREDO?!  THIS WHOLE SYSTEM'S OUT OF ORDER!!! ATTICA!!! ATTICA!!!"  That's my interpretation anyway.

Thankfully for Avery, things calmed down very quickly and he could finally relax.  That's when I was given a chance to hold him for the first (and definitely not the last) time.  The look he gave me was the greatest look.  For about half a second, his look seemed to say "who's this guy?".  But, it immediately changed to a "oh ok, I recognize him now.  He's good people."  I was at first puzzled by how he could've known me so fast.  But then I remembered something my wife kept telling me during the final few months of the pregnancy.  Apparently, while in the womb, Avery would always react whenever he heard my voice.  So, that's how he recognized me then.  He knew my voice.

I think Avery still has a memory of his tumultuous first few minutes of his life.  We were discharged from the hospital two days later after had deemed both baby and mom to be healthy enough to survive out in the world.  So, we went straight home and put little Avery into his new sleeping quarters: his bassinet. Just a few days after that though, a nurse came right to our house to check up on us to make sure Avery was still healthy and that our home environment was ideal for a baby.  After the nurse was done giving Avery a check up, I put him back in his bassinet while she gave my wife instructions about caring for newborns.  The look on Avery's face was not a friendly one.  He had a "get her out of here" kind of face.  He was NOT in the mood to be dealing with medical professionals at that point and I can't blame him.  No, I'm not going to help him with a vigilante quest to "punish" all medicos.  I'll simply say that Avery has already learned a valuable lesson about the world: there are people you cannot trust.  That's a lesson everyone should learn.

I'm ending this post with my first glance at Avery the moment he was born.  This is what he looked like to me:

Most parents get freaked out by this site and nearly faint.  They consider the baby to be "hideous" at this stage.  However, to me, he just looked cool.  If he stayed looking like this, I'd be fine.

If anyone out there reading this has a baby in their lives, keep being good to that baby.  To anyone out there who doesn't, I recommend it.  Happy parenting!

Thursday, September 07, 2023

lol omg wut

 Last post I put up a small animated segment from something I'm working on.  This time I'd like to share one small image from it.  I can't even believe I drew that.  Yes, it's an in-between and it does work well enough within the movement.  But even still, it's such a twisted bizarre image that I felt the need to share it.

I really can't wait for my project to be done and shared with the world.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Something I'm working on

 This right here is a small cropped out clip of an animation piece I'm working on.  It's not for any big studio, or even a little studio for that matter.  It's just something I feel compelled to do for my own reasons.  I've completed 3 scenes of this video already, only 49 more left to go.  It's lots of work but it's also lots of fun too.  I know for sure that my son will be born by the time it's finished.  I can't wait for him to see it.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

It's going to be a boy and Avery is his name-o

The wife and I had the big anatomy scan ultrasound just recently.  It is now confirmed that the baby developing inside her body as we live and breathe is indeed a boy.  As I mentioned in this blog's title, we've settled on his first name being "Avery".  He's named after the great animation genius Tex Avery of course.  Will my son live up to the amazing legacy of Tex?  Um......... geez! Way to put pressure on a kid before he's even out of the womb.  Back off a bit, you weirdo!

Based on what my wife has experienced so far in being Avery's portable incubator, we're sure he's going to a spry and energetic little man who will give us plenty of excitement and exercise.  I'm sure he can't wait to come out and meet us all as well.

"Thumbs up, doc! Thumbs up!"

See! He's already giving the world a big thumbs up.  He's ready for us, but are we ready for him?

Also, according to my wife, Avery likes to kick and punch a lot inside there.  All fetuses (feti?) do that to some degree.  But, that seems to be Avery's favourite activity so far.  So, in that spirit, I've created an artist's rendering of what Avery could look like when he finally out of the womb.

Is this accurate?  Well, he's due in September so we'll know for sure by then.  I'll certainly keep everyone posted when that happens.

A preliminary welcome to the world, little Avery. We can't wait to meet you.

Saturday, April 29, 2023

Bill C-11 just became law in Canada. Get ready, folks!

 That's right.  As of April 28 of this year, the highly controversial Bill C-11 passed in the senate and became law.  Some are saying it's "great for Canadian culture" while others decry it as "the ultimate censorship tool".  "Which of those is it", you ask.  Well, let's talk about it here.

The pro-C11 side say that this new law is simply about boosting truly Canadian content on the internet including social media sites.  A noble goal indeed, but severely flawed from the outset.  Government meddling in entertainment and news media is NEVER a good thing.  At the animation school I attended, one of our teachers grew up in Soviet occupied Ukraine.  She told us that the only thing available on Soviet television was ballet.

this or nothing

In the USSR, the only shows you could watch on TV were ballet or nothing.  This was the country's government colluding with entertainment and blatantly telling the entire populous that "THIS is what our culture is".

I'm not saying this amount of suppression is happening here in Canada already.  There's certainly still a wide variety of shows and news available to Canadians made here and around the world.  Here's hoping it stays that way no matter what the government does.

This idea of presenting a "Canadian identity" on our airwaves is certainly nothing new.  It's a debate going back decades and decades.  For instance, back in the day when "Justin's dad" was the Prime Minister, there was a Canadian made show
called SCTV.  The "SC" stood for Second City.  The show was pretty much the main stage cast of the Toronto affiliate of Second City producing a TV show the same way they would create their sketches for the live stage.  After their first season, they were shopping their show around to various TV stations in order to attract a wider audience.  When they made their pitch to a station manager in Edmonton, they got some rather back-handed feedback.  "Your show is not Canadian enough", he said.  They didn't appreciate that assessment.  "We're already using Canadian actors, writers, producers and facilities.  What more do you want us to do? You want us to sit in front of a big map of Canada, wear toques and drink beer?"  That was their response. 

Well, the guy said "make it more Canadian" so that's what they did.  This is what brought about the MacKenzie Brothers.  Everyone in Canada (definitely those over 40) are all too familiar with these characters.  But, for those who aren't, I'll post a video below:

Watching this skit all those years, did you ever wonder why they had that long scroll at the end of their first few shows?  Well, that was their rebellion against the CRTC's guidelines of what constitutes "Canadian content" and against that weird jerky guy in Edmonton.  "Is THIS Canadian enough for you, hosers??!!"

Of course, now with Bill C-11 in place, it's not just "some guy in Edmonton" whose pushing for "a more Canadian feel" to this country's content, it's the current Prime Minister doing it.  He won't physically be in the writing room telling Canadian productions what to do and what not to do, which is how it should ALWAYS be.  However, he will have his finger on the algorithm that will determine what productions get artificially boosted online and which ones don't.  And the standards for which he and his cabinet will use to ascertain which productions will be boosted or not are................................... well, he's not saying so far. Whether Justin claims to make these decisions fairly or not, I will talk about a time not so long ago about another Prime Minister with a similar type of ambition.

That Prime Minister's name was Stephen Harper.  About 15 or so years ago, the Bill C-11 was known as Bill C-10.  PM Harper wanted to pass that bill so that, as Conservatives put it at the time,

"tax dollars should not be funding productions that some Canadians find objectionable".  I talked about much of that controversy here on this blog back in the day.  Here is an interview the CBC did about that topic back in the day.  I find it rather odd that many of the same people who were up in arms about Harper passing this bill are today all uproariously happy with Trudeau passing the exact same bill.  Of course, at the same time, some people who are outraged about the bill paying under Trudeau were hoping for Harper to pass it back in 2008.  I, for one, want NEITHER of these sides in charge of Canadian productions and I want both of them far FAR FAAAAAAAAAR away from any kind of social media regulation.  If the next Prime Minister to get in after Justin does not immediately take Bill C-11 and journey to Mordor to cast it the fiery lakes from which it was forged, that Prime Minister should receive a non-confidence vote instantly and then replaced by someone that WILL make that journey.  

No, master. You no takes my precious bill away.  I use bill responsibly. You see.

Well, ok Minister of....... Stuff.  Just don't let the bill be handled by any of these guys:

But, for now, the bill is now here and is not going anywhere any time soon.  But, I haven't given up hope in any way.  As with the example of SCTV I showed earlier, there's always rebellion to fall back on.  Anyone who's truly creative enough can find ways around draconian government rules no matter how many of those rules the government chooses to make.  Freedom always finds a way.

I'll end this post with a video from one of the best group of sketch comedians in Canada or anywhere else in the world: the Kids in the Hall.  I've embedded below one of their sketches that would surely challenge any rules that any Canadian government can dish out, even 30 years later.  Enjoy, and also, screw you. :P 

So, take off, eh!

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Some more commentary with Anthony

 I did some more commentary on Anthony's channel recently.  You may recall the previous time I was on that channel.  I talked about whether a skunk was Pepe Le Pew or not.  In the commentary above, I add my 2¢ to an actual indisputably genuine Pepe Le Pew cartoon.  I come in at about the 10:49 mark, but I do recommend the dialogue of the entire video because it is good and well informed.

He mercifully cut out what I said about James Gunn.  That could be for the best because James it would've made him mad or some level of belligerent.  Meh, he's probably used to that by now.

Either way, enjoy the commentary, folks.  There's lots to take in.

Monday, March 06, 2023

There's a new security company in town...

 ...and I designed the logo for them.

There it is.  Aint that spiffy?

And here's the ad they put out in the local newspaper.  I helped design that.

Here's what they posted on their social media accounts.  Buncha goobers!

If you happen to be at the next career fair, watch for their table.  It will have this banner big enough for the entire convention hall to see.  We hope to see you there.