Monday, February 25, 2008

Today is Tex Avery's 100th birthday

Yes, that's right.  Today is the birthday of one of the most ingenious minds of all time, Mr. Tex Avery.  "What did he do?", you ask.  (Well, those who've been living under a rock on Jupiter's 3rd moon with their heads buried under 2 feet of dirt would ask that question).   Well, all he did was establish the ideal foundation of animation and satire that has yet to be duplicated or surpassed.  But, hey, mere words cannot accurately capture what makes Tex so great.  The best way to do that would be to show as many samples of his work as possible: (no, you definitely don't have to watch all these films at once. Just watch a few now and again whenever you have the time. That way you keep the celebration going for much longer than just 1 day.)

Billy Boy
Uploaded by thadk

The Blow Out
Uploaded by thadk

Ha! I guess I'll leave a few films for others to put on their blogs and/or any other digital media.

I'll just end this by saying "Happy Birthday, Tex. I hope people are remembering your birthday as well as your legacy in another 100 years."


  1. Without a doubt, Tex Avery is the all-time best Animation Directors! I like his ideas like "Air-Breaks",
    "tongue-stretching" & mixing live scenery, along with animated cartoons!
    Fred Bean Avery's birthdate was Wednesday, February 26th, 1908 & three days before Al Capp's
    "Sadie Hawkins Day" of February 29 (the rarest date that "accures"! Wednesday, Feb, 27th, 2008 will be 5,218 Weeks of Wednesdays after Animation Maestro, Tex Avery's Birthdate.

  2. Tex Avery is the all-time Animation Directing Maestro!
    His birthdate was Wednesday, February 26th, 1908, in Taylor, Texas. (3 days before February 29, the "rarest date that occurs!)
    Al Capp nicknamed Februry 29th,
    "Sadie Hawkins' Day".
    1951's "Symphony In Slang" is my all-time & top-favorite cartoon of any studio! His real name at birth was Frederick Bean Avery.

  3. Happy Birthday Tex Avery!!!

    Thanks for making so amazing and inspiring cartoons!:D

    He is one of my biggest Cartoonist heroes!

    Your comic is really cute!
    I like it a lot!:)
    It is nice to see that people remember cartoonist heroes, you always do it in a special way!

    Thanks for posting all the great cartoons!

    Do you know a funny story about the cartoon little Tinker?
    I saw this cartoon when I was 4 or 5 years old the first time, since then I couldn't forget it, a friend of mine found it for me and I was so happy to see it again!

    I grew up with classic cartoons, that's why it's horrific for me to see what kind of crap they produce today! They believe little kids don't know the difference between a good quality and bad quality, they SURE know!

    Classic Cartoons are unforgettable because of the great quality and they were done by people with talent and heart and these Cartoons are done to ENTERTAIN people!

    Too bad that not many people today know that...:(

  4. Tex, simply put, started it all. He refused to be polite and gave the rudeness cartoons desperately needed to thrive. Without him, the medium would have never reached it's full potential. So Happy Brithday old boy !

  5. Happy Birthday Tex!

    Nice pile o' cartoons you put together here, Dave!

    Ever see I Wanna be a Sailor? I used to watch it all the time before I started grade primary... I haven't seen it since!

  6. That's a very funny tribute to the King of Cartoons :)
    Happy Birthday Tex!!!

  7. Hey, Mitch. Yes, I have I Wanna Be a Sailor on a public domian VHS collection. It's not quite up there with his other masterpieces but it does have a delightful charm about it that I like. Plus, I do identify with the kid who wants to be a sailor no matter what.