Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Do I Think of Cancer? Well...

I think very few people will disagree with me on this.

What inspired this brash new opinion of mine?  In the autumn of 2014, my own mother was diagnosed with Cancer in her uterus.  Hearing that news scared the whole family, my mother most of all.  We grew even more concerned when we were told that the type of cancer she had was "the most aggressive".  The doctor also informed mom that the operation itself has a 35% survival rate.
I remember my mother sitting in quite solitude after hearing that.  It was quite apparent that she was reflecting on the thought of no longer being on this earth. And I think I speak for me and both my sisters when I say that no amount of inheritance could replace the love and support mom has given and continues to give us.  I know for me personally I rely on her financial advice every tax time. Plus she's a swell babysitter for my sister's kids.  She would leave a huge hole in our lives if she left now.
So, I think it was for that reason that she summoned the courage to keep going.  She saw that 35% and decided that rather than look at that glass as 13/20ths empty she would look at it as 7/20ths full.  So with that, she bravely marched into the hospital to have her operation and just let the consequences be what they'll be.
Well, that very same day, her uterus was removed and she survived.  She had to stay in the hospital for about a week.  Then she was considered ready to come home. She needed a cane to walk around anywhere (whenever she felt brave enough to go anywhere).  It took about a month before the stitches healed.  After that the chemotherapy began.
As of right now, she has a few chemotherapy sessions to go and we're not 100% sure if all of the cancer was removed from her body with that operation.  But, she does seem to be recovering.  For one, she doesn't need the cane anymore.  She's also been driving her car lately, something she wouldn't even think of doing about a month ago.
So, to commemorate this ordeal, I made the above illustration.  Then, as a Christmas present, I put that drawing onto T-shirts and gave one to each member of the family, including mother of course.

They all appreciated them very much.  But, above all they appreciate mom will be around for a nice long time.  Oh hey, next month is her 68th birthday.  Feel free to wish her a happy birthday either here in the comment section or on Facebook if you're friends with her there.  Let her know you're glad she can celebrate another birthday.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Je suis Charlie aussi

I'm adding my voice and my art contribution to the many many other who are disgusted and irked by the attack on the Charlie Hebdo satire magazine in Paris France.  So here it is:

Take THAT, terrorists!!!  That freaky little monkey dude is what you look like to us.

At various conventions where I've sold my Censor Monkeys comic books I receive many puzzled looks from people.  They seem unable to understand what these monkeys are about (even though their "motus operandi" is in their name).  Well, to those people I say, THIS VERY THING is what they're all about.  Each one of those monkeys represents a relentless agenda to silence all points of view that don't resemble their own.
ISIS is just the most recent and most militant group to push their ideology on the world.  Before them, various other anti-defamation leagues and political correctness focus groups have eroded much of our freedom of expression all over the world.  Granted they aren't cutting off people's heads or killing anyone in cold blood, but they have their own bullying/verbal castration tactics.

 But of course, the absolute saddest part of this whole situation is that some gifted, brilliant, and courageous artists lost their lives to a terrorist group that has every intention to kill again.  At the same time, it fills my heart with elation to see so many still living artists NOT silenced by these heinous acts.  I just one day, the amount of anti-Muslim extremist cartoon satire has increased at least 1000%.  So it seems that ISIS has caused the exact opposite reaction to what they wanted.  I believe (or at least I hope) the term for that is "poetic irony".
This shows hope for the world.  There is a spirit of expression that can and will flourish even under the thumb of the harshest dictators.  These Censor Monkeys are fighting a losing battle.  Inside they are all just frightened children lashing out at their self-imposed boogeymen.  They attempt to destroy all that they can't understand and therefore fear, not too dissimilar to those at a Zine Fair some years ago.  What they don't realize is that no matter how much they are able to seize control of words or images, they can't control ideas.  Much like the Grinch, even though he stole Christmas from the Whos, he couldn't steal their idea of Christmas.

Oh, before I end this post.  I have someone here who has one final message for ISIS.  Ok, Jerome, it's all yours now.  Go ahead:

OooOOH! Fuck you, ISIS!! n'yuck n'yuck n'yuck

Did you hear that?  One Mr. Jerome Horwitz otherwise known as Curly Howard of the Three Stooges just told off the Muslim terrorist group ISIS.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAnd as most people might know, Curly was one of Israel's many children, a Jew.  Need proof?  Here's his headstone:

So that's gotta hurt.

There you go, ISIS.  I hope you're all proud of yourselves now, in that I hope you feel as ridiculous as you look to us.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Ferret studies

 I've been drawing ferrets lately.  They may or may not be involved in an upcoming project.  Either way it's always a good idea to draw anything and everything as much as possible no matter what's happening in your life.
Anyway, the ferrets to the left are the ones I tried drawing.  The results are below.  Tell me how I did.

Ba-dump bump adump bump! Good night!

Monday, September 22, 2014

The fulfillment of a promise

A little more than 2 years ago, on this very blog I made an offer to the world.  I stated that for anyone who reads my comic book and posts a review of it somewhere I will then buy that person a beer.  Well, it's been a long time coming, but I've finally made good on that promise.
On December 15 of 2010, one James Daniels posted a review of my book Jesus Needs Help on his blog.  Well, I just happened to be passing through the city of Winnipeg where he lives, so I thought I'd meet up with him and buy him that beer.

There he is, enjoying a tall frosty brew of Alexander Keats courtesy of this blogger.  Being the sole eye witness to this auspicious event, I can honestly state without hyperbole that he fully enjoyed that lager to its fullest extent.

This could be you, if you are kind and creative enough to write your own review of either Jesus Needs Help or my latest book Censor Monkeys Have No Class.  I look forward to getting schnockered with you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A fish cartoon for you

I believe he challenges Aqua Man, Charlie Tuna, Nemo, Jaws, and Osama Bin Laden.

Monday, August 18, 2014

My day at DCAF 2014

So I've finally recovered from my whirlwind of a time selling my wares at the DCAF.  I met some people, made some sales, ate some granola bars, and basically tried coasting as best I could on Rockstar Energy Drink and fumes.   I work a night shift you see.  While most everyone else was lucky enough to have a good night sleep, I pretty much had to go there straight from my job which started at 9 pm the previous evening.  So, if anyone there saw me yawning or looking really droopy-eyed, that's why.
I did manage to take a few pictures taken with my little iPod Touch 4.  Here they are:

This was my table.  Everything you see was indeed for sale.  To everyone who bought something from me and is now enjoying it at their leisure, thank you.

This is who was sitting across from me.  He's my good buddy Andre Myette.  Here he is setting up his own table to display his wares.  He had quite a few Doctor Who prints to sell.  If you bought something from his table?  You're good people.

Some people even brought their dogs.  That particular pooch looks exhausted.  He's probably tired from asking everybody where all the Underdog comics were.  Maybe next year, Rover.

Some people even dressed up, like this lady.  Costumes haven't really been a big part of the DCAF, but that could change in the future easily.

During the entire festival I took the liberty of making a few tweets as well, one of which is embedded below:

All in all, I would call DCAF 2014 a success.  It was a good crowd this year.  As far as selling my book goes, I can see less and less people squinting with confusion at it and asking "what is that thing".  I'd call that a positive.  I look forward to participating in future DCAFs or any other venues like it.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

A gig and a contest

First I will start with where I will be exactly one week from today.

That's right! I've secured a table for myself at this year's DCAF.  I have no idea where my table will be at the moment. Just watch out for this book cover:

Speaking of which, I entered that book cover of mine into Book Goodies Cover Contest.

It currently stands as one of the finalists!! Please go show it some love at this link:

You can do so by either commenting on it there or sharing it on Facebook and/or Twitter.

I hope to post some of the highlights of DCAF here on this blog soon. See everybody there!