Saturday, February 06, 2016

Rest in peace, Joe Alaskey

I, like many fans of animation, was sad to hear of the passing of the amazing vocal artist Joe Alaskey.  The world has lost a motherload of talent with this man's passing.  In my opinion, of all the people who attempted being the voice of Bugs Bunny and/or Daffy Duck but still falling short of Mel Blanc's mastery, Joe did their voices the best.  He did a tremendous job of those characters in Looney Tunes Back in Action.  But besides his ability to voice cartoon characters, either classics like Bugs & Daffy or his own like Plucky Duck, he also possessed the subtlety to be the voice of Richard Nixon in Forrest Gump.  The film industry, be it animation or otherwise, needs more talent like his.

Speaking of the Looney Tunes movie, back in 2004 I sent an email to Mr. Joe Alaskey asking him to clarify a few nerdley theories I had about the script.  Here's the response he gave me:

Dear David, 

    Whether any or all of your interesting theories could be proven is mosty moot. 
    I can tell you firsthand that the script went through so many hands that the original story only marginally resembled the original draft. There were definitely over a dozen writers. Everything from gags to major scenes were scrapped, rewritten and rehashed daily for months. 
    This is not to say that arguments can't be made for your corporate-personage interpretations; you do a pretty good job of it. Although I should add that I've never heard your suggestions anywhere else. 
    And I can tell you firsthand that a cohesive satirical subtext for LT:BIA was by no means foremost in all those writers' minds. It certainly wasn't passed along like a secret handshake. Many of them don't even know each other. But they were all hired, piecemeal, to make sense of the multi-layered plot while keeping LT-style laughs rolling along the rickety track of what many of them considered to be an overdeveloped storyline. 
    A better case can be made for your identifiying moments of director-homage throughout the film. I'm sure that was all pretty much intentional. Then again, it's easy to answer that McKimson animation was always a principal model. Just as easy to say everyone can recognize the Clampett touch. And who doesn't acknowledge that Sam was essentially Friz? 
    So, 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other. Interesting thoughts. Maybe you should check out film criticism as a career. 
    It helps to know a film's production history too, of course. Well, writing to me was research, you could say. So now you know my perspective. 

Thanks for Writing, 
- jfa

Such a lovely approachable man.  He will and should be missed.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My two pennies about the Gregory Allen Elliot trial

Firstly I will say that I am SO VERY VERY HAPPY WITH THE VERDICT!!!  Of course he's not guilty.  It should never have been a case in the first place.  I'm not going to type out all of the details of the case here because that would make this post way too long for one.  Also, really, the whole situation is so inane and stupid that I would feel absolutely nauseous while typing it all out.  So, for those of you that need to be informed of this trial, first go to this article: Eight Important Things to Know About Gregory Allen Elliot's Twitter Trial.  Read that and then come back here.

See?  Pretty ridiculous, right?

For all the people who, when I was selling my Censor Monkeys comic book at various venues, would walk passed scratching their heads wondering "what's this all about?"  Well, this bullshit case is what my book is about.  Essentially, Stephanie Guthrie acted like a toxic combination of the Feminist Monkey and the Nazi Monkey.  As the first aforementioned monkey she, of course, came at this through an extremist feminist agenda, and as the Nazi she omitted her own bits of harassment against Mr. Elliot, created a fake Twitter account that resembled his in an effort to slander him, and she spread false information about him being a paeophile to try and "seal the deal".  Add to that (as if there weren't enough red flags already) one of Stephi's cohorts Paisley Rae actually coerced a Toronto policeman to enter this into a federal court as a real case.  Talk about trying to establish a police state.

Free legal tip: if you have to make stuff up just to get the basic requirements of a conviction, then your case is full of shit!  No exceptions!  It's stupid, counter-productive, and down right evil to abuse the court system and make attempts to violate a number of free speech laws just to try and win a petty Twitter feud.

As expected, many of the hardcore feminist-types taking Stephanie Guthrie's side were not at all happy with the verdict, Buzzfeed being one of the worst.  Although, you know what, instead of feminist, I actually think the term "femi-nazi" or something like that would actually be a much kinder term to use in this case.  Misandrist manticores maybe?  I say that because I'd hate to lump these hate-filled harpies in with all the brave suffragettes who made great strides for women in the past such as getting the vote and such.  I practically grew up in a single parent household after my father died.  Without the achievements of those pioneering women I probably would have starved to death a long time ago.

Meh, I'm sure I'll think of some other term before this post is done.

Anyway, however you wish to refer to them, many of them posted tweets like this:

Yeah, that's nice.  Although really, it's Steph Guthrie's actions that have put women in more danger more-so than Gregory or even 1000 "creepy" Twitter guys ever could.  My explanation for this is two-fold:

A) Did she really equate to Mr. Elliot using one of her hashtags as "malicious stalking putting her in fear for her life"?  Really??  Has she ever even talked with any First Nations women who have been maliciously stalked in real life, many of which were very close to someone who was stalked and murdered?  I think everyone involved in the Idle No More movement would love to come give Ms. Guthrie's head a shake over that one.

OOOH!!  Did I just "white privilege" her dumb ass?  Didn't mean to.

B) Her little game of crying wolf here will set a dangerous precedent for and harassment or even rape trials in the future.  If you thought women weren't believed enough before, it'll be worse.  The public (and juries) will be thinking "is this a real case or is someone else 'pulling a Guthrie'?"  Then you'd better hope to God, Buddha, Tom Cruise, Bacchus, or Andromeda that both the evidence holds up and/or the opposing lawyer is not a divine expert in diversion and spin.  Li'l Stephie just put so many women's lives in danger!!! Way to fucking go!!!

Oh, was that last statement a little too hyperbolic?  Well, guess what??!!  I also have iron clad evidence that Steph G is a disgusting pedophile.  I've posted it below:

If anyone can find any way to debunk this absolutely authentic and damning evidence without even 1% of doubt, I'd like to hear it.

Well, as they say, it's literally all over but the crying now.  The verdict is what it is.  And just for the fuck of it, here's my depiction of Stephanie Guthrie after the verdict was read:

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Hilarious!

Like it's been said before elsewhere, both freedom of speech and freedom of expression were put on trial and emerged victorious.  What was also firmly established was that under the law, not only can the "right to not be offended" not in any way be enforced, in a truly free society it can't exist.

Also, before I get inundated by various SJW's, censor  monkeys, or any other digital fiends from the darkest corners of the internet screeching at me, I would just like to say that no this rant of mine is not putting down all feminism.  That would be foolishly throwing the baby out with the bath-water as the saying goes.  What I AM saying here is "Hey, feminist parents! Pick up your baby and dump out that disgusting shit-filled bath-water already!!!"

I will now conclude this post with a song by the great (and sadly now late) David Bowie.  It's a favourite of mine and I hope it's a favourite of yours too.  Take it away, Ziggy!  Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma'am!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

One more ally in the fight against censorship

I found this person while fumbling around the social media universe.  Online she calls herself Adriana Game Over.

She is quite a talented artist with many many fantastic pieces that can be seen on her very own website here: Adriana Game Over  (you can find her on Twitter and Facebook as well)

However, there is particular art piece of her's that got my attention.  It was this comic featuring characters she calls Social Justice Rangers:

I'd say that's a perfect compliment to my own Censor Monkeys, wouldn't you say?  If there are any other artists creating content like this, be it making comics or any other art form, I'd like to know.  With our combined powers we could all inspire every single SJW online or otherwise to run and hide into their "safe zones".
Yes, that's actually a thing now.  In a deluded effort to reshape the whole world into their image, SJW types have created areas they call safe zones where "no objectionable content is allowed".  Holy shit! This is the new Duck & Cover, or at least there's a similar paranoia behind it.

That's right.  They think hiding in some arbitrarily chosen space (and possibly urinating around it's border) will protect them from all the big bad "xenophobic dialogue".

Here are some other "like-minded" individuals who created safe zones for their ideologies:

Charles Manson - he and his followers had their safe zone in a ranch just outside Los Angeles and talked all about their belief system while there.  Read your history books to find out how that ended.  Spoiler: not well!

David Koresh - he and his cult established their safe zone inside an abandoned school bus outside of Waco Texas.  But then they came up with the bright idea of turning their "safe zone" into a "dangerous zone" by lighting the whole bus on fire while they stayed inside.  Hmmmmm! Maybe these SJWs should follow their example. :P

Heaven's Gate - cult leader, whom I believe was named Whogives Ashit, convinced a small number of people to live at his safe zone retreat, cut off ties from their family, shave their heads, and castrate themselves.  The carrot he dangled was the promise that when the Hale-Bopp comet came around there would be a spaceship waiting to take them off to paradise on another planet.  But, in order to get on that ship they all had to drink some poison-laced punch i one massive group suicide.  Again, something SJWs should consider. :P

Glenn Beck - he has made mention that he would like to create a gated community where everything adheres to his values.  I'd gladly let him wall himself off in the newly formed nation of Glennbeckistan, but only if he agrees to take along some of Heaven's Gate's yummy yummy punch.

Although, I think this is the most accurate depiction of an SJW entering a "safe zone":

And there you go.

Like I said, visit Adriana Game Over's website as well as her Facebook and Twitter.  It would be a good idea to support her with a purchase of her art work if she's selling.

Come to think of it, you can support me by purchasing either on my comic books on sale Jesus Needs Help and Censor Monkeys Have No Class.  Together we can make a difference.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Jody's Christmas present

It's the Christmas season again.  That means that Santa Claus or Krampus or Festivus Freddie or whomever has delivered presents to all the girls and boys whether they deserve them or not.

At Halloween, I used my artistic skills to help my nephew Jody make a costume.  So, this Yuletide, I used those same skills to make a very special book for him.  Before I show you this book, I need to familiarize you with Jody's new favourite show: Monster Truck Shape Race!!

He watches it and talks about it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the time, because he's 2 and that's what he does with everything he likes.  As you can see, the show is specifically designed to teach kids about all the different kinds of shapes.  With that in mind, here is the book I made for him:

So, what's the verdict? Does Jody enjoy the book?

I think he does.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.  I hope we all have a wonderful and prosperous 2016.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

John Gormly deserves this:

Yep! He really said that.

For the record, I have not listened to even one nanosecond of Mr. Gormly's radio show.  Most of the radio I've listened to these days is Ballsy on The Wolf ranting about whatever crawled up his ass that day.  I'm also forced to intermittently hear CBC radio at my job but that's because I work with a bizarre little man.  So, as a result of that, I am not entirely familiar with how John Gormly conducts his show.  What I do know is that when I heard about that asinine thing he said directed at Muslims, I felt divinely inspired to make the comic you see above.  I know I'm not really "striking while the iron is hot" since he said this more than 2 weeks ago, but I felt it had to be done nonetheless.

I would also like to add that drawing him was a rather nauseating experience.  He looks like the 'love child' created by Rush Limbaugh and a salamander he met in Saskatchewan as he was travelling from Winnipeg to Vancouver in his double-wide Winnebago.  He's got a reptilian-ish presence is what I'm saying.

See?  Doesn't he look as though his diet consists of crickets and algae?

Anyway, that's it. John Gormly put his foot in his mouth and I wanted to have some fun pouring mustard on it, which I did.

Everyone can now go back to 'booking faces' or 'crushing candies' etc.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

some more caricature ID time

I've been attempting more caricatures in any spare time I can find (which sadly isn't much).  I've made three other attempts at caricatures in previous posts on this blog.  However, this individual is different from the one tried before.

Whoever can identify this guy wins a warm feeling deep down that they are just a smidgen smarter than other humans.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Costume Fun

The Halloween festivities just recently ended here at my place.  It's all over but the sugar rush now.  But this was a special Halloween for my nephew Jody who just turned two last month.  For the first time, he got to make a conscious choice about what costume he'd like to wear.  His inspired choice was the letter 'H'!  His obsession with letters obviously influenced that choice.  So, he was an 'H' with his parents being an 'I' and a 'J'.

I'm proud to say that I helped with these costumes.  My contribution was the little drawings I made on the sides:

On Jody's 'H' was...

...a helicopter on one side...

...and a hungry horse eating hay, a hen in a hat, and a guy shouting "HOORAY!" on the other side (from his favourite Dr. Suess book).

On the 'I' was... cream...

...with an igloo on the other side.

On the 'J' was...

...a fun jar of jelly...

...and on the other side was a jaguar of my own quick design that I think turned out quite nicely.

I'll end this Halloween post with my niece Veronica dressed like a pumpkin.

Have fun eating candy, everybody.