Monday, October 29, 2012

Hal Con 2

As of 6:00 p.m. on October 28, Hal Con 2012 is now a piece of history that I am proud to have been a part of.  I blogged about my experience at Hal Con last year.  This year was just as exciting, memorable and profitable.  I sold so many books that at the end I only had one left.  Thanks to all who stopped by my table and made a purchase.
You can see my display table on the left over there.  That poster I have that reads "IF THIS BOOK ACTUALLY CONVERTS YOU TO CHRISTIANITY YOU GET A FULL REFUND (baptismal certificate required)" got just as much of a positive response as it did last year.  That poster was a good idea.  Of course, it only works on people with an intelligent and well-developed sense of humour, which leaves out flea markets.

I'd also like to give a nice big thanks to anyone who took a free copy of my mini comic The Hap-Hap-Happy Happenstance of Fanny Punongtiti and showed it around to everyone.  Any publicity helps.

Speaking of which, no I was NOT asked to leave this convention at any time just like I talked about at the Zine Fair the week before.  In fact, I received absolutely no complaints about the contents whatsoever.  Most people either said "this is awesome" or "this is hilarious".  Comic Con people are good people.  The only complaint I got (if you can even call it that) was when one guy looked at my Jesus Needs Help comic and remarked, "$7.50 for that???"  I think the common credo is there's no haggling at Hal Con.  That's true no matter what this guy says:

Of course, besides the comics and other various merchandise to buy, the other main attraction of comic cons is people's costumes.  I certainly saw plenty of those, of all various kinds.  I couldn't get around to see much because I had to stay at my table the whole time.  I was table 17 in the Artist's Alley over flow:
But, from my little space of the convention, I took as many pictures of people's costumes as I could.  Looking at all of them, I came to notice that girls' costumes tend to fall into 3 categories:

1. Sexy
2. Dorky and proud of it
3. Think they're sexy but they're not.

Of course, #2 easy overlaps into either #1 or #3.  You can look through the pictures below and decide for yourselves which category each costume falls into.  I couldn't quite pinpoint the categories of costumes that guy's wear.  I'm sure it's somewhat similar but not quite.  Maybe some members of the female gender reading this could offer any observations from their perspective.  That would be most helpful.  (Please forgive me if I don't give the right name to some of the costumes.  Not all of them are as familiar to me as should be I'm sure.  Keep that in mind as you scroll through this.)  Anyway, let the costume parade begin:

Day 1: Friday

Did you know that Liberace had a secret affair with an elf sometime in the 1980's before he died?  Here's proof of that.
The girl's costume is pretty clever.  She's one of the 'red shirts' who gets killed on Start Trek and has arisen as a zombie. The other two guys are Mario.  That's-a fine.
Here's 3 neat costumes.  That one guy is covering his face so noone will know he was ever here.  Smart guy.
And now for some colourful girls.  The one in the middle seems really impressed with my work.   Maybe she's uncomfortable with the Feminist Monkey holding up the little boy by his penis.  She didn't say.
This guy told me that I was the 500th person to take his picture at that Con.  I asked what my prize was for that.  he didn't have an answer.  I feel ripped off.
Here we have Boba Fete and someone else who worked on the Death Star.  At first I thought maybe Boba was sent to Hal Con by the person who had me kicked out of Zine Fair and that he was there to finish the job.  Thankfully it was just a costume and the good people at Hal Con have strict rules about bringing in weapons that really fire projectiles (even water is a nono).  Whew!  I live another day.
This is a girl with cat ears.  I saw alot of girls with cat ears here.  What is it with girls and cat ears?  Well, there's an obvious crude answer but I don't think I need to print it here.  Anyway, meow!
Here's a nice couple who looks like they come from the magical world of magic.  They didn't know any cards tricks though.  What a gyp.
Here's a cool looking couple who look like they're from a futuristic motorcycle gang.  Very neat.
And now for a dapper couple.  Both look like they could kick ass in most  hand-to-hand combat.  With people like this around it almost makes the event security seem redundant.
I'm not entirely sure who or what this couple was supposed to be.  But, they looked rather handsome.
Here's a sweet little geisha girl.  She didn't walk on my back or give me a sponge bath or anything.  I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!  Oh wait, I didn't pay her anything.  Nevermind.
Wait, I think I know this costume.  She's a nudist with injured genitals and he's her physiotherapist.  Now THAT'S a clever costume.
The girl in the middle is Loki, I believe.  The other two are.............. something purple.  Along with cat ears, alot of girls wore purple things too.  I found that an odd coincidence.  You'll certainly see more of what I mean later on in this post. 
Uh oh!  The grim reaper came for me at Hal Con this year.  He appeared to me in girl form thinking I'd be more tempted to follow him into the afterlife.  But, I looked him square in the face, pounded my fist on the table and said, "It's not my time yet."  Then he created a puff of smoke and disappeared................ for now.
Here's somebody with orange pants and a gun.  FABULOOOOOOOOOOOOOUS!!!!!
Harlequin took time out of her busy schedule of trying to kill Batman to visit my table.  That was nice of her.
Good ol' Thomas Jefferson appeared before me at the Con this year.  I asked him what he thinks about the Tea Party in America misinterpreting his Declaration of Independence.  He just said, "Dude!  I'm here to buy comic books, not talk politics."  Good for you, sir.  Everyone needs to just relax sometimes.
Ooooooh yeah!  This lovely feminine creature.  MMMMMM!  What a fox.  Curves in all the right places.  I can't help but he hypnotized.  I hope all of our children look like her.  My heart and loins are just aching.  Of course, the absolute sexiest part of this beguiling siren is that very noticeable lump in her throat. I invited her over for a nice intimate swaree which will happen a few days from now.   I hope I don't get any unpleasant surprises.  
Some of these guys are members of the Men in Black (I think).  The Mickey Mouse looking dude is holding up my Fanny Punongtiti book.  I hope he enjoyed it.
Here's a minute lady.  If the British red coats had invaded the Con, she was ready.
Here's mommy and baby Pickachu.  Everyone saw AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
One girl flashes a peace sign while the other looks on in bemusement.
The girl is Pickachu and the guy is a scary looking rabbit.  He'll get some Trix cereal for sure.
Remember what I said before about girls in purple?  Here's another one in purple.  What's that about?
Here's another purple girl.  Oh well, let your purple freak flags fly, ladies.
Next we have a female Robin Hood and some kind of cat-faced girl.  They rob the rich of their catnip and give it to......... somebody.  I don't think they had their plans quite worked out fully.
Here we have Thor and Loki.  Bitter enemies in the movie and in the comics.  But here they were the best of friends.  However, if these two ever like the same guy, it's on, bitch!!  (I wasn't that guy sadly).
This is a lady dressed in yellow.  However, my camera makes it look like a dingy pink.  Sorry, yellow lady, whoever you are.

Also, on Friday, a man stopped by my table promoting his heavy metal band.  It's called Skipp Purgatory.  I do believe he even bought a copy my book Jesus Needs Help thinking that it would go good with his band's atmosphere.  And it does.  You can check them out online right here.  True to their word, they rock!

Day #2: Saturday

3 elven girls for 3 eligible elven guys.  Unless these girls like to "party with themselves".  If so, can we watch?
Here's 3 girls in 3 costumes.  Very lovely.  By the way, that costume behind them is not a Klansman with a piece of poo on its head.  That person is dressed like a banana.  I thought it was a clever idea too.
Ah!  Young Anakin Skywalker and Han Solo.  This is what they would look like if they shared an apartment together.
Here's a couple dressed like an astronaut of some sort and the Mad Hatter.  A very merry unbirthday to us all.
Both Bain and Cat Woman made a stop at my table.  Batman came along and tried to beat them up.  But, I took off his utility belt and used all the gadgets I found in there against him.  After Batman was defeated, they both thanked me.  Then Bain placed some cool looking device with blinking lights that made a beeping noise.  "Watch what happens to this place in a few days," he said and then he and Cat Woman walked away.  I hope that device does something fun.
Beat on the brat!  Beat on the brat!  Beat on the brat with a baseball bat!  Oh yeah!
Beer axes!  Dude knows how to chop up the party.
I asked this lady if she was dressed up as the main character in Pixar's movie Brave.  She said no.  It's too bad.  she's got the red hair and everything.
Here's Captain America all beat up and covered in blood.  I think that political statement pretty much speaks for itself.
Here's some furry kitty cats.  Graciously, the WTCC put some sand boxes in all the bathrooms just for them.  That was a nice gesture I thought.
This guy had a really cool looking Chinese suit on.  He looked like he could be any villain from any Bruce Lee movie.  I bow.
STOP!  Hammer time!
Here's a cute couple.  The guy has very sharp things all over his shoulders and chest.  If anyone needs a drill bit, he's ready.
One girl is an elven warrior and the other is a fighting robot.  Very nice.
The guy had a hard time reading my book because of his eye piece.  The girl I believe is the lady villain from the show Reboot, Hexadecimal.
She was some kind of ghost in a squiggley black leotard.  I'll need help with this one.
Here's a girl with a melty face.  The lesson for today, kids, is don't stare too close at your microwave when reheating a burrito. 
Death came for me again once again disguised as a girl.  This time she brought her secretary along.  They both kept pointing to a list insisting that my name was on it.  I told her what she and her secretary can do with that sickle.  The creepy part is, they actually did it.  Right in front of everybody too.  I was both disgusted and mesmerized at the same time.  I hope death comes for me in this form again when it really is my time to go.
Here's a guy with a hammer and a girl dressed in leather.  I'll bet their Saturday night was fun.
This is lady Thor, Star Trek girl, and a guy with marionettes.  This Con has everything.
Gee, that's one horney smurf.  HA!
Here's a 19th century lady with an elf and Super Girl.  Girls from opposing universes all getting along.  That's what Comic Cons are all about.
Luigi saves the Princess.  And yet, in the game, Mario still gets the booty call.  Life is unfair.
Here's another girl dressed like a mad hatter.  Either that or Tom Petty.
Here's a girl dressed like a mouse.  She should be careful of all the girls dressed like cats.
Here's my good friend Nicole dressed like a character from Diablo 3.  She has said that people always asked her where she bought her corset.  The thing is, she's not wearing one.  So that's a nice boost to the ego I'd say.
Now here's a girl in a clever costume holding up a peace sign.  Either that or Winston Churchill's victory sign.  Both hand gestures would make Hitler shit bricks so it's all good.
Here's a nice girl with pink hair.  As I recall, she couldn't decide if she was offended by my comic or not.  I hope she's made a decision by now.
This girl is dressed like Poison Ivy.  Strangely enough, I didn't get itchy around her.  She must have been clean.
Here's a guy dressed as a red ninja trying to influence me with his cleavage.  Dude, it's not working.
Here's a girl with a costume full of ruffles.  She might be some saloon prostitute from a steam punk comic.  She's definitely not one in real life no matter how many 50 dollar bills you offer her.  Plus she's got powerful knees so watch out everybody.
There's that scary rabbit again.  This time he's with an Egyptian.  Mr Pharoh, just give him all the Trix cereal he asks for.  There's no telling what he might do if that doesn't happen.
Ah ha!  Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.  But they couldn't solve the case of who tickled my bum on Friday night.  Maybe that's because they didn't want to.  Dusting my ass for prints just didn't appeal to them somehow.
Well well!  Beam me up, Scotty.  (And then run along like a good lad).
Here's a cool looking steam punk guy.  I'm sure even his cel phone is run by tiny ants shovelling coal all the time. 
The girl is Totoro and the guy is the main character from Adventure Time I believe.  What a cute couple they make.

Speaking of cute couples, my good friend and fellow artist Stephanie had a table just 5 spots down from me.  You can see her art on her blog right here.  Go there and give her some traffic.  Leave a comment or two even.  She shared that table with her good friend Tony who also has a blog full of art work looking at over here.  Here they are as they looked selling their wares at Hal Con:

And for just 2 dollars, I purchased this great art piece from Stephanie. 

It's a drawing of Poison Ivy doing some kind of jazzy dance.  She autographed it even.  Thank you to everyone who went to their table and bought something.

Day #3: Sunday
Here we have 2 girls just hanging out and being cool.  Life is a sweet fruit.
Attention everyone!  There are 4 people in this picture.  I repeat, there are exactly 4 people.  The little girl insisted that her doll be counted as a person.  Not being one to discriminate, I said ok.  So there you have it.  It's a picture with exactly 4 people.  The entire universe can sleep good tonight knowing that.
These guys are dressed like characters from a rather obscure movie called 9 which starred googley eyed creatures who looked like they were made out of potato sacks. 
She had an interesting black dress on.  She must be from Doctor Who because she has an electronic wand thingy like he has. 
Meet the Blonde Assassin!  If you need someone taken out, she's your girl.  She lurks about in the darkness and strikes without warning.  She does a clean thorough job and leaves no trace.  No man can tame her.  No woman either.  Not even a hoard of rabid wolverines throwing chainsaws around would even make her break a sweat.  She's the Blonde Assassin!  When you hire her, make sure she is completely 100% on your side.  If not, the results could be DEADLY! 
Here's another girl with cat ears.  I have no idea what the other girl is supposed to be (some kind of floppy haired killer bee I guess).
There was a combat demo at 3:15 that day and I missed it.
Here we have Mr. and Mrs. Joker both plotting their nefarious schemes.  Whoopie cushions at the front desk maybe?  Who knows.
These were some interesting costumes.  I'm not sure what they were though.  The girl looks like a ninja of some sort and the guy looks like a starving Renaissance painter.  What an interesting pair they make.
During the very brief period I got to wander about I spotted a dalek.    This will excite my nephew very much.
Speaking of daleks, here's somebody dressed as the original Dr. Who.
Uh oh!  Girls with guns.  Sexy but deadly.  Duck and cover, everybody.
Hey hey!  The Hal Con mascot stopped by to say hello to everyone.  He's designed to look like the clock tower on Brunswick street.  But really, only the pinchy claws are accurate.
Here's a joker trying to cut his face.  That or he's taking extreme measure just to pop a pimple.  Either way it's pretty psychotic.
Here's a little girl with a mask.  Although I don't think it was make up.  Her father is a racoon and her mother is an eccentric lady with a fetish for............. nobody talks about that family. 
The girl is pickachu and the guy is a hippy in a pancho.  I think he's still hiding up here in Canada so that he won't have to fight in Viet Nam.
Here's a guy proudly wearing a pink box with a happy face.  Does this impress the ladies?  You bet.
Another girl with pink hair.  Besides the purple and the cat ears, alot of girls also had pink hair too.
Either he's a psychotic killer or he's a very dedicated athlete ready to play any game anywhere.
Captain to bridge!  Captain to bridge!  Can you hear me?  Come oooooooooooon!  Answer me bridge!  Bridge!  Hello! Bridgebridgebridgebridgebridgebridgebridge.... (bridge):WHAT??!!!

And here's another Star Trek lady.  Is that a tribble in my pants?
Now this guy had a very excellent costume.  He did not move around with his legs at all.  He used a wheeled chair that was powered by a very silent motor.  It was very smooth.  I'm sure he did quite well in the costume contest.
Here we have another Doctor Who costume and a girl in a very well crafted stone angel costume.
And now here's a girl with a crazy looking eye.  It's staring right at you.  You can't look away.  It looks right into your soul and laughs heartily at it.  What a mean eye.

Well, that's all of the costumes I managed to photograph while I was there.  There were many others worth a look.  if you want to see these and more, you'll have to come next year.

Oh, before I end this post, I'd like to promote some of the businesses whose cards I obtained at the Con.

I sat beside the Brass Anchor and managed to get one of their cards.  If you're in Halifax and you want a tattoo done, go to their business.  They'll do good work for you.  I also sat beside ChiZine Publications.  They didn't have any cards to give out so I'll have to post a link to their website.

Chozen Studios.  They will rock your world with their greatness.

Apparently, the Darkside Expo had fallen onto some rough times due to reasons beyond anyone's control.  But, they are now up and running again.  So, definitely check them out.

And also, I bought a wonder book called Kill Shakespeare.  

It's a graphic novel inwhich various artists and writers take many of Shakespeare's plays and put their own creative spin on them.  It's a very inspired concept really.  I had the good fortune of sitting beside their table at the Montreal Comic Con last year.  One of the guys even autographed it for me when I bought it.  Check it out:

So that's cool.  Anyway, I had a very fun time selling my book at Hal Con this year and I look forward to selling my next book at Hal Con 2013.  See you there.