Wednesday, April 26, 2006


If I told any of you out there in "blogging land" that this fellow lives in Saskatchewan, would you believe me?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I thought I might try my hand at drawing someone at work. His name is Logan. That picture of him above is basically what he does most of the time: sings badly. And when he's not doing that, he's either meowing or farting. There are a few people here who absolutely can't stand it and would like to see him quit or be fired. I personally just find it hilarious, not just what he does but also how angry and worked up some people get towards him. I just do my work and laugh.
One thing that redeems him to me at least is that when there's work to be done he's ready, willing, and able to do it. Really, that's best quality anyone can have in any work environment. If the situation was reversed inthat he had no quirks to annoy people but at the same time did little to no work I'd be calling for his termination effective immediately. But, as things are, I hope he sticks around for a while. I mean, a washing machine doesn't work properly without an "agitator".

UPDATE: As of Friday night, he quit. The reasons are too silly and nauseating to get into here. Well, anyway, wherever he is now, I hope he's doing fine as well as singing and meowing.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Friz and John

Anyone who has visited John K.'s blog knows that he is not too fond of Friz Freleng's work at all. If Mr. K. did indeed conduct an interview with Mr. Freleng I imagine that it would look something like this:
(That's Eddie Fitzgerald laughing on the left by the way along with Friz in the middle and of course John on the right). Those of you reading this who don't know who Friz Freleng is, "google" him immediately after visiting my blog. You won't be disappointed. Everyone else, feel free to express an opinion of either Friz Freleng, John K. or Eddie Fitzgerald in the comments section.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another monkey has joined the family

There she is, the newest member of the Censor Monkey family. Her name is Feminist Monkey and she promises to be just as militant and unrelenting as the other monkeys. Of course, her main goal is to seek out and destroy (or annoy) any content in the media that could be perceived as demeaning to women. She was created too late to participate in the monkeys' previous adventure but hopefully she will have a prominant place in some future installment to come.

Incidentally, I myself had a run-in with a real life feminist monkey a few years ago. I sent a copy of my student film to a business in Calgary (I won't reveal the name of the place for fear of being confronted for slander or some such nonsense) that I hoped would transfer my student film to BetaSP so that I could enter it into a film festival in Germany. Well, I got a call back from them a few days later saying that they refuse to do it because my film.................. wait for it....................... glorifies violence against women. I never heard such Censor Monkey crap in my life.

Actually, you can check out that very same film in this previous post on my blog. Go and see for yourself if you agree with that monkey in Calgary or not.