Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jesus Needs Help is now available on the Kindle

Mrs. Smythsmythington: Oh, look. Jesus Needs Help is on the kindle.
Mrs. Corgi: Oooooooh! What's it doing there?
Mrs. Smythsmythington: Just standing about I suppose.

Mrs. Smythsmythington: What do you think Jesus needs help with?
Mrs. Corgi: I don't know. Read the bloody book.
Mrs. Smythsmythigton: Oh, I hadn't thought of that.
Mrs. Corgi: Well then what were you going to do with the book then if you didn't know you had to read it?
Mrs. Smythsmythington: I hadn't thought of that either.
Mrs. Corgi: You're a git.

Mrs. Corgi: Ooooooh! Apparently, putting Jesus Needs Help on the kindle costs $1.99 American.
Mrs. Smythsmythington: How much is that in British pounds?
Mrs. Corgi: Do I look like a bloody currency conversion calculator?
Mrs. Smythsmythington: BURMA!!!!
Mrs. Corgi: Why did you say that?
Mrs. Smythsmythington: I panicked.
Mrs. Corgi: Well then, next time just... OOOOH!!


And now...'s...