Thursday, June 20, 2013

Valentines that might have been

Recently, I got involved with a project of sorts spearheaded by Tex Avery's daughter Nancy.  She was talking with Hallmark in the UK about releasing some Tex Avery inspired Valentines.  Sadly that deal went through.  But, just so all that hard work didn't go to waste, here are the Valentines cards I made:

I hope you found those enjoyable.  I certainly enjoyed making them and I wish I had the opportunity to make more.  If anyone out there does decide to create a line of Tex Avery inspired Valentines cards (or any other holiday that comes to mind) please include me.  I could use the money now more than ever.

Incidentally, if you're not sure where those characters in that last Valentine came from then watch the cartoon below and wonder no more: