Monday, February 26, 2007

His 99th birthday

Yep, if the King of Cartoons, namely Tex Avery, were alive today he'd be celebrating his 99th birthday. Not only that, there'd be a lot of more entertaining animated shows on as well. That man's imagination could add life to anything.

Last year I celebrated his 98th birthday by drawing this keen picture. This year, I'll show one of the cartoons he was most known for.

Of course, if you do the math, you can easily figure out that 99 + 1 = 100!!!! Yes, next year at this time it will be Tex Avery's big centennial. It would be great if we could celebrate that all through 2008 with a big budget biographical movie about his life. The man is indeed deserving of such an honour. But, since that doesn't seem to be happening, we'll just have to find our own ways to celebrate. All bloggers and non-bloggers alike should each come up with some sort of tribute, preferably something that could be visible from space. Let's make 2008 the year of the Tex.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

5 years ago today

Last year at this time, I commemorated the 4th year of Chuck Jones' passing. Well, February 22, 2007 now marks the 5th year and I feel obliged to commemorate that.

Yes, I know this post won't bring him back (sadly). And, like the saying goes, "don't think about how he died but rather how he lived." That is some very sound advice. So, to help celebrate how he lived, let's enjoy something he did best, help raise Hollywood animation to a devine artform (only to have it raped and plundered by big business). Here's one of his more underreated gems: Much Ado About Nutting (c. 1953)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Man & Woman

I took a break from drawing my upcoming comic to make these for my sister. She needed a picture of a man and a woman for a fund raiser she's running for the YMCA. My concept was putting an element of the other into each one. Therefore the male is a "girly man" and the woman is "hefty masculine creature with very little estrogen in her".

She couldn't use these pictures unfortunately because they weren't conducive to the family environment of the gym. "Families won't get it." were her words exactly. But, she did say there was nothing wrong with them technically (in that they are drawn very well). So, instead of being used in a fundraiser, they're up on this blog. Gather your families around the computer and enjoy these wonderful drawings. ;)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Someone is Scared

Okay, so I just bought Mad Magazine #474 today (for $5.50 not so cheap). I was prepared to enjoy many of the articles and satire like I usually do. But then I saw this image:

Hmmmmm, could this be a subtle jab at the Tom Cruise monkey and Katie Holmes monkey I drew last May? Is MAD Magazine scared that I've added both their star power to my cast of filthy monkeys? Or is this just a crazy coincidence?

Really, if it is a jab at me, it's pretty lame. I've been reading MAD for years and years and I know they could come up with something better than this. However, if it's not a jab at me, then it's merely cute and/or amusing.

Either way, bring it on, Alfred E. No snappy answers or stupid questions can save you now. >:P

Oh well. While you're out and about, go to your local magazine rack and pick up this latest issue of MAD. It's pretty good.