Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Young People Fucking

Yeah, I'm putting the movie's full title in the title of this post.  Censorship in any form is dumb.

Anyway, that's the movie I saw last night. It is truly a great film. Martin Gero did an excellent job, especially for his first gig. Incidentally, another young man directed HIS first film back 1939 and it went on to great things. That is of course Orson Welles' Citizen Kane. I'm not saying this movie was AS great as that one, I'm just making a comparison is all. I guess a more accurate comparison would be to Woody Allen's Annie Hall. Although, Young People Fucking follows 6 couples rather than just one and it doesn't go off into surreal dream-like segments like Annie Hall does. But, the end message for both movies is pretty much the same: we go through with all that craziness because "we need the eggs".

As for the "depravity" in the film, I saw none.  It's no dirtier than say American 
Pie or some such comedy like that.  The only nudity I saw was 3 naked girl boobs and 3 naked boy bums.  T
hat's it.  Of course, there's plenty of moaning, groaning, heavy panting, and many other noises associated with the orgasm, but, as Jon Lovitz would say, it's all just.................. ACTING!!!  

It is definitely NOT as bad as Charles McVety and the Canadian Tories are trying so desperately to make everybody believe.  Most, if not all, of those people are condemning this film without even seeing it.  I mean, one of those Conservative politicians even fired one of his employees just for purchasing tickets to this movie.  Really, anyone who shuns this movie AND has the unmitigated Stalin-esque gall to try to deby funding to many other movies in the future are nothing but a bunch of these things:

Since they refuse to see it, the only apsect of the film they can even begin to object to is the title.  That's really the only problem here.  That title is the very thing that is making the Canadian government nervous enough to take baseless moral stands and tread upon some of 
our freedoms.  I'd like to help if I can.  I just composed a list of titles this movie COULD have had that maybe would have been more acceptable - David Letterman style.

So here now, for the Harper government's perusing pleasure, the:

Top 10 Alternate Titles for Young People Fucking

10. Sticky Pants
9. Jizz-opalooza
8. If This Movie Starred a Cast of Monkeys, You'd All Be Vomiting Right Now
7. The "Ins & Outs" of Modern Romance
6. How to Play a Rusty Trombone
5. All Sigmund Freud Sees Are Train-Tunnels and Various Vegetables
4. Fornicatiarific
3. If You're Horny and You Know It, Clap Your Hands
2. Confidentially, This Movie is Actually a Transcript of One of Stephen Harper's Hot Tub Parties

...and the #1 Alternate Title for Young People Fucking:

Herpes Goes Bananas

There!  Problem solved.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

R.I.P. Bo Diddley

I had a chance to see him perform live last year, AND I MISSED IT!!  I either had to work that day or I was sleeping.  Whichever way it was, I missed the chance of a lifetime.  The man was a musical genius and a true Rock & Roll pioneer.  If you want to learn a bit more about the man, of all sites the Big Cartoon Database has a terrific write-up over there.  One thing they hit upon is how Bo's song Bo Diddley was used in Ralph Bakshi's Fritz the Cat.  What amazed me about that is even though the song was a whole 17 years old at the time the movie was released, it still seemed to fit amid the other funkadelic music on the soundtrack.  That alone shows just how ahead of his time Bo really was.

Speaking of cartoons, I added one of his songs to my Busy Town demo reel.  The song I used was Diddlin'.  I think it accompanies the action quite well.

And of course, for good measure, here's a live performance from the man himself.  If you didn't know "what the big deal about him was" before, you'll certainly know after the clip is done.  Enjoy!