Monday, September 07, 2015

even more caricatures

I think I'm getting much much closer to capturing the likeness of the guy I'm trying to caricature.  The reason I haven't revealed the name is because I want to make absolutely sure that I'm successful.  If I hand you a drawing and say "hey, look at this picture of Jack Nicholson that I drew", that gets you thinking about Jack Nicholson and what he looks like.  So, I'd have to have done a very sloppy job for you to not recognize him within my scribbles.  But, if I just hand you a drawing without saying anything and on first glance you say "Jack Nicholson" then I am finally successful.

So, with that in mind, try and tell me who I have caricatured in the drawing above.  That alone will determine if more work is needed.  But, like I said before, with the one guy I think I'm getting very very close.