Sunday, September 15, 2019

Stick a fork in Sask Expo 2019 for it is done (I scared a little girl)

That's right.  The Sask Expo in Saskatoon wrapped up just a few hours ago.  I and my family have now completed our long journey back to Regina.  They are both in bed while I am still (barely) awake blogging about my experience.
There was one very curious thing that I found rather odd at this event.  It wasn't so much what happened but rather what DIDN'T happen.  When last I blogged about the Fax Expo here in Regina, I talked about how I was almost kicked out of the venue for material I was distributing.  However, at this current venue, I distributed that same material but received no complaints whatsoever.  Some individual ladies even commented at it was "cute".  To refresh everyone's memory, here's what I was giving away at my table:

Although I did change the graphic on the other side.  Last time it contained an image of Jordan Peterson.  This time it had this:

I'm not sure what to make of this development.  Could it be that Saskatoon is more chill than Regina?  Or perhaps censor monkey/cancel culture is starting to die and we will be seeing less of these outrage monkey mobs from now on.  I sure hope so.

Oh yes. I'll never forget one young girl's reaction to seeing the Censor Monkeys.  She first exclaimed "I don't get it."  So I asked her if she knew what censorship is.  Her answer was "No" followed by an "I'm scared".  Yes, censorship can be a very scary thing.  Although, instead of running away from it like this girl did, it's better to confront it and defeat it once and for all.  But on to more pleasant matters.

One big and pleasant change of pace for me selling my books at this expo is that for the first time, my wife and child were with me.

From the looks on their faces, I think they had lots of fun.  I know my daughter Raianne loved playing at the Lego display they had set up.

She even made a friend which is always a good thing to do.

Besides the Lego, Raianne really enjoyed seeing so many people in great and elaborate costumes.  She and my wife took pictures of as many costumes as they could.  I'll post some of them below in no particular order.

So that was our first comic con type experience together.  Hopefully we can experience many many more of these events, especially when my next Censor Monkey book is finally done.  Until then, we'll enjoy the memories we had of this one.  It's late and I'm going to bed.  Good night everybody.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Canada Votes: 2019 edition

Well, it's election time in Canada again.  Over the years of writing this little blog of mine I've taken it upon myself to present all of the candidates competing for the job and title of Prime Minister.  This year's election promises to be a nail biter between two heavy favourites.  Who will emerge triumphant? That remains to be seen.  For now, I present all the candidates up for the job starting with the incumbent:

Justin Trudeau

Yeah, I went there.

Other major players trying to take his job are:

Andrew Scheer

Jagmeet Singh

Elizabeth May
Maxime Bernier

I can't and won't tell you who to vote for.  What I can do is provide a link right here for any Canadian citizen that will help them find out what riding they're in and thus where their voting station is: Elections Canada

The official election date is Monday October 21

Happy voting!