Friday, July 14, 2017

Kilroy Event Poster Design

Okay, so there's this thing happening sometime next April called the Kilroy Event.  I'll let an Irish ginger named Dave Cullen give you more details about it below:

I'd love to go to that event when it happens.

Around the same time Dave made that announcement, he posted this on his twitter feed:

So I responded to that and it went like this:

The art work immediately below is the fruit of that twitter exchange.

I think the basic idea is conveyed well enough.  I'd gladly make any changes Mr. Cullen tells me to make.  Of course, any artistic person reading this blog is more than welcome to submit their own works to Mr. Cullen at whatever social media outlet you can reach him.

To pre-register yourself for this event, you can go to the link I've provided here in this emboldened and italicized font.  I'm sure this event will b lots of fun and help preserve free speech for centuries to come.  See you ninjas there.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Party Naked, Canada

Humphrey Bogart has a message for all Canadians in the video embedded below:

You heard what Mr. Lauren Bacall said.  If you're a proud Canadian, or are very good friends with a proud Canadian, you can show how happy you are by taking off your clothes and then joining into the festivities.

"We're ready, baby! Yeeeeeeeeeeah!!

Happy 150th Canada!!!  Party safe and party naked!!!