Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy 30th Birthday, Dave Richards

It's my brother-in-law's birthday today. That's him in the picture on the left. My own mother is on the right. Yep, something like that tends to flare up everything they're in the room together. They don't hate each other or anything, it's just that they tend to lock horns on one issue or another.

Anyway, if you know Dave Richards or even if you don't, leave a nice little birthday comment right here. (Don't wish my mom a happy birthday though. Her's isn't for several months yet. Oh, and Dave is married to this girl right here.)


  1. Heh, that's funny Dave and relatable. If you're looking for my blog check out http://animationjam.blogspot.com/ I'll be posting animation stuff there. Have a good one.

  2. no supper for you