Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A shout out to the fans

As regular viewers of this blog can see, I put a map of the world along the side. This allows me to see exactly where the traffic is coming from and how frequently. I love looking at all those little red dots. It makes a blogger feel appreciated.

Upon analysis of the map, I notice that most of the hits have come from in and around the New York area. I'm glad that many citizens of the Big Apple take time out of their days to visit this little corner of the internet. So, to all those kind souls, this next picture is for you.

I also see plenty of red dots over in Europe. They're present in every country except for one: France. Well, there's that one red dot up top but it's so close to Belgium that I think that it might even be in Belgium.

So.................... what's the story France? Why are you holding out on me? I thought France was the country that appreciated art and culture and all that good stuff. What's going on over there? I mean, I can understand a bunch of those African countries not visiting. How much internet activity is there in Africa even? And the Middle East, well, let's not go there. (Seriously, let's actually not go there, you could get injured or something). But, France, there's no excuse for you guys. What's keeping you away from my blog exactly?

Oh well. I guess you guys are busy doing other stuff. Visit whenever you like. I'm not taking this blog down any time soon.

Oh yeah, if anyone reading this lives in a region that I didn't mention but gives this blog of mine much traffic, I meant no disrespect. Feel free to say where you are (not your specific street address though, that would be a silly thing to post online) and how much you like this blog (or whatever you do when looking at one of my many posts).

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