Thursday, November 23, 2006

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If this is for real, I weep for the future and hereby call for the resignation of all those involved with this idiocy.

If this is a joke, HA HA HA!! You guys at The Onion are frickin' hilarious. As if Bush would do something like this. He's had enough damning scandels and bone-headed mistakes in his presidency to bring his approval rating down to an all-time low and have some call for his resignation. This right here would put it over the top and most likely end his time in office prematurely. Even Bush isn't stupid enough to endorse such a ridiculous thing. Once again, great joke guys. You had me going for a bit there.


  1. Is there any news to focus on in Canadian politics?

  2. Do we have issues here in Canada you mean? Well, one hotbutton topic we have is the province of Quebec. They have wanted to break away from Canada and be their own seperate country for years. There was even a referendum back in 1995 where all of Canada got to vote on this. Quebec stayed a part of Canada by a 0.6% margin.
    Recently, Prime Minister Steven Harper came under fire after he referred to Quebec and a "distinct society" within Canada. People have interpretted this to mean that either 1.Steven Harper wants Quebec to seperate or 2.Steven Harper is working on a Quebec seperation. I personally will wait and see if anything comes of that or not.