Thursday, November 23, 2006

Read the article

Click on it to enlarge it if you have to.

If this is for real, I weep for the future and hereby call for the resignation of all those involved with this idiocy.

If this is a joke, HA HA HA!! You guys at The Onion are frickin' hilarious. As if Bush would do something like this. He's had enough damning scandels and bone-headed mistakes in his presidency to bring his approval rating down to an all-time low and have some call for his resignation. This right here would put it over the top and most likely end his time in office prematurely. Even Bush isn't stupid enough to endorse such a ridiculous thing. Once again, great joke guys. You had me going for a bit there.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Two birthday presents

My first birthday present goes out to one Kali Fontecchio who can be found at this blog address: I have a feeling she'll enjoy the subject matter of this. ;) Here you go, Kali. Happy Birthday!!

This next one is birthday present for a friend at work, one Andrew Trager. Here I've depicted him saying his favourite catch-phrase. Happy Birthday, Andrew!!

Well, that's done. I hope those two have even better birthdays thanks to these pictures of mine. Y'know I shouldn't have to tell you folks that doing six caricatures in one night.......... it's enough to wear a guy out. Now, after this I have to start on a Christmas comic which is due December 1st. Whew!! My right hand is going to be quite busy for the next little while. And, after I'm done 'that', I'll start drawing. ;P

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Grinch pictures

Remember the comic I told you about before? The next issue is slated to be due in time for Christmas. So this time I decided to do a continuation of the original Grinch story.

Y'see, after trying to steal Christmas from the Whoos and learning a valuable lesson about the holiday he finds out that the nearby village doesn't celebrate Christmas. They celebrate HKHHHHanukah instead. The Grinch, thinking they are a bunch of grinches ready to hurt his new Whoo friends, decides to steal their HKHHHHanukah away from them.

If you want to find out how it all ends you'll have to buy the comic book and read it for yourself. For now, just peruse these Grinch and Whoo drawings I've done for study. Do you think they're good? More importantly, would Theodore (Dr. Suess) Geisel or Chuck Jones approve?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Hey, remember the guy who had all those opinions in that George Bush post I made this past summer? Well, I found a picture of him online and decided to try my hand at caricaturing him. Not only that, I drew him being best buds with his very special friend.