Saturday, June 30, 2007


Sometime last year on this blog, I did a post directing everyone to my Hansel und Gretel film on the ZeD website. Well, that link doesn't work anymore because the CBC is no longer airing the ZeD program.
This is not entirely sad news however. CBC will be replacing it with a new show they're calling Exposure. It's similar to ZeD with one difference. This time people have the oppurtunity to vote for their favourites. The winner gets a prize. The show premieres on CBC July 29. Watch for it. For more information follow the link I've provided below. Get on there and vote for your favourite.

Hansel und Gretel


  1. Wow! That was great! And completely unique! Congratulations!

  2. I agree with Eddie. This is stunning!

  3. I love your cartoon!!!=)
    It is depressive and funny at the same time!:)
    I want to see more! Are you working on more comics and cartoons?
    The german is pervect too! Are you speaking german or did someone helps you?

  4. Eddie & Lester: Thanks.

    Steff: I had my dialogue translated into German by a student at the University of Saskatchewan. I told the head of the German language courses about the flm I was making and she got one of her students to do it for extra credit. (That student wished to reman anonymous and I can't remember her name anymore). Whoever she was, I guess she did a good job.