Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Christmas Comic

I did this comic for Valueable Comics last year for their Christmas edition. Bassically, it's a continuation of the original Grinch tale with a similar holiday message. I'm not entirely proud of some of the Whoo or HKHHHHoo drawings (I drew and inked them rather small) but I think I did a splendid job on the Grinch, especially his facial expressions (and when dealing with Chuck Jones' version of the Grinch you've GOT to get the facial expressions right).

Anyway, I hope this comic helps put you all into the holiday spirit. (Click to enlarge if you have to). Enjoy!


  1. Thanks -- What a delight! I neo-Seussian verses as well as the drawings.

  2. I like your Grinch comic! Great job!!! I was laughing a lot!
    I also like your lyrics, they are really good and funny!XD
    I'm happy that you made this comic, especially with the Grinch! I love this character!:)

  3. Funny!

    David, you asked on my blog if the milkman with the ejaculating milk bottle in Tashlin's "The Girl Can't Help It" was Phil Silvers... No it wasn't, but that doesn't mean he was never going to be used having a phallic reaction after seeing a famous screen siren (even if it was unreleased).