Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HA! I found 'em!!

For the passed few weeks, I was back in Regina helping out my family with a big move from one house to another. In amongst the grunting and the sweating (followed by the lifting of furniture and/or boxes full of old crap), there were times we reflected on distant memories. There were even moments of "AHA! I finally found it!!" as well. One of those moments came in the form of the drawings I posted below. Yes, a bit of an explanation is needed for those who were not involved.
Y'see, these were drawn back when I was attending an animation school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It was my 3rd and final year there. The school had occupied the 5th and 9th floor of a very prominent mall in the downtown area. Much to everyone's dismay, the school had fallen into some dire economic problems (for reasons too depressing and nauseating to go into here). I'm going to protect the names of most of the people involved except for one: Andrew Butler. He was the manager of that mall at the time. He had always hated the school and, on top of that, his business practices most often resembled wolverine devouring a still-breathing caribou fawn. Therefore, our eventual departure from that mall was not pleasant.
So, as some people know (and some unfortunate others find out the hard way), when you piss off a cartoonist they get even with a pencil & paper. And that is precisely what I did. The results of which can be seen below. My original intention was to leave these drawings someplace where Mr. Butler (or one of his slimy cronies) would find it. But, I was advised against that. So, I tucked them away until I found them again and put them online just today.
I hope Mr. Andrew Butler himself sees this post of mine and spits out his coffee which results in the shorting out of his laptop.

Moral of the story: Never get a cartoonist mad at you.

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