Friday, November 12, 2010


We've got a comic for sale.
A really good comic for sale.
Won't you buy it.
Take it home and try it.
A comic for sale.

See in the window a really good comic
full of charm and appeal.
Handsome, elegant, intelligent, sweet.
It's really ideal.

Don't you want a little comic you can call your own?
A comic that'll be with you when you're all alone.

"How much is that comic in the window?"

Take our advice at any price
a comic like this comic is mighty nice.

A comic. A real good comic for SAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!!!

Yes, my comic entitled Jesus Needs Help is FINALLY available to the public. It looked touch and go there for a while. I was indeed getting worried. But, those fears have turned to sweet sweet relief now that my comic is here.

You can look for my comic on or you can very easily purchase it at my eStore. Enjoy yourselves everyone.

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