Saturday, December 18, 2010

WOW! What a deal!!

My comic book can now be found in another book store as of today. Just this afternoon I sold some copies to Phoenix Comics & Books located on 2105 Broad St. in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

They'll be selling it for quite a bargain too. As you can see, online Jesus Needs Help is on sale for a whole $9.15. But, over there at Phoenix Comics & Books, they will be selling it for just $1. That's a whopping 90.85% off the regular price. However, it's probably only a good bargain for you if you happen to live in Regina. If you live anywhere else in the world, the price of gas and/or air fare would ruin an otherwise fine bargain. So, I put it to any Reginians reading this blog, head on down to Phoenix to take advantage of this deal.

Before you ask, yes I did try to get my comics into both Tramps and Comic Readers in Regina as well. However, they have a policy of not accepting comics from the public.
Well la-de-frickin'-da!
Oh well, like I've mentioned above, if you want to purchase my comic at below rock bottom prices and have plenty of money left over for other Christmas shopping AND you're fortunate enough to live in Regina, then by all means, head on over to Phoenix and do so. Also, if you are at all apprehensive about this purchase because you are unsure about its contents, well then you should definitely read this review that James E. Daniels did first.
Hurry, while supplies last.

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