Sunday, April 03, 2011


No, not that Iggy.

That's Ziggy.

No, that's Augie.

Geezuz!! That's Squiggy over there.

That's another Ziggy.

No, I didn't meet him.

WHAT??!! That's Engelbert Humperdink. Are you some kind of moron???

No, the Iggy I met today was none other than the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, namely Michael Ignatief.

For those in this world who don't know (or care), Canada is in the middle of an election campaign right now. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was held in contempt of Parliament and so now in about exactly a month's time, Canada will be going to the polls. Many Canadians don't forsee any surprises with the voting results, but you can't always tell at this point in the game. Anything could happen.
Anyway, I was in attendance at the Liberal rally at the Westin Hotel in Halifax today. It was a pretty good turnout. They had to utilize an overflow banquet room in order to accommodate all the people that showed up. Iggy did indeed please the crowd that was there. He held up a red book full of campaign promises (look familiar, Canada?) and made a speech full of positive reinforcement for the party and loads of seemingly well-supported Harper bashing. Luckily, I'm all for Harper-bashing so I was happy with that.
After the speech was done, his theme song played and he made his way out of the banquet room where people were lined up on either side of him ready to shake his hand and tell him how great he is. I was among those people in that line. But, what I did was give him a copy of my book Jesus Needs Help. He didn't seem so enthusiastic about it when he saw it, but his wife assured me that she will make sure he reads it. Immediately afterwards, the book was given to Iggy's aid in charge of schleping around all the gifts he gets. That aid asked me if I had a card with any other contact information on it. I did, so I gave him that too. So, a long story short, a candidate for Prime Minister has a copy of my book. If he does happen to become Prime Minister on May 2 (the day the polls open), then it will be Canada's Prime Minister who will have a copy of my book. Hooray!
But, Iggy's campaign does seem to be in trouble. I could tell when he first looked at my book. He read the title "Jesus Needs Help" and then he hung his head and said in a low forlorn voice, "I need help". Hmmmmmmmmmm! That's not nearly as confident as he sounded when he made that fired up speech just moments before. He seems to feel that things look really good for Harper and not nearly good enough for him at this point. But, like I said before, anything could happen. So, unless you feel Harper is doing a good job, (in which case I'd tell you that there is a time machine leaving for 1214 A.D. that glorious year just before the Magna Carta was signed. I think you'll be much happier there.) I think it would do Iggy a world of good if you voted for him or at least came out to any other of his rallies on the campaign trail and showed him some support. That might put a little more spring in his step. Just looking out for you buddy.

But, I should probably end this tale on a happy note. So, right below is another Iggy for you to enjoy.

Oh, but before I go, I have some other news I feel I should post here. That book of mine that I previously mentioned (namely Jesus Needs Help. Does everyone know the title of my book yet?) is now for sale in Berlin Germany. Oh, you don't believe me??!! Well, here's a photograph:

There it is, right near a Sarah Palin comic of all things. If you're in the Berlin area right now, the address of this comic book shop is Grober Unfug, Berlin, Mitte Torstr 75. Buy your copy before the "other guys" get it.

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