Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Another video from Anwar al-Awlaki

Well, it's just a little clip. I just isolated the parts where, yes, he talks about my book Jesus Needs Help. You can view it here. Yikes! I hope his followers aren't naive and stupid enough to actually believe all the things he just said.


  1. Anything else you like.." your art" like in ORGICO & FOCK WORMS?
    So, you are one more WHOORESS?
    And you are now informing about " POP GOES THE WEASEL"?
    And you say BILL CLINTON has the logs on it all..NICE?
    You like " SS" ...on children and organ culls with COLES?
    This is " your art"?
    You sound like RON HEVENER.

  2. Well, that's telling me.................... I guess.