Monday, April 09, 2012


My free Kindle book promotion of Jesus Needs Help was a most qualified success over the Easter weekend. At one point, it even reached #8 on Amazon's charts, as you can see below:

Take THAT The Book of Biff #1 Target Practice by Chris Halibeck. Thank you to all who grabbed a copy this weekend. In fact, this has put me in such a generous mood, that I would like to show my appreciation thusly. I will buy a beer for anyone who reads my book AND posts a review.

It may or may not be delivered to you by one of these fine ladies.

Yes, you read that correctly. One tall frosty cold beer is yours if you read my book and post a review of it. I'd prefer it to be on Amazon, but it also be up on your own blog, a post in some forum, on youtube, or maybe even in an old fashioned print magazine or newspaper; basically anywhere that lots of people will see it.

This offer extends to anyone who has posted a review of my book in the past as well. I definitely owe James E. Daniels a beer. I most definitely indeed owe Stephen Patrick Clare a beer, maybe 2. I might even owe Professor
Ignatief a beer if he mentioned my book in his class at the U of T at any time, but I'd need more information on that. But this offer even extends to people like Joseph Thompson and Pastor Sean Bonitto, even though their reviews were shall we say less than complimentary. They actually took the time to read the book and then give their own careful and explicite assessment of it. For actually putting forth the effort, they get a beer from me.

But NO BEER FOR RUSH LIMBAUGH!!! He both accepted and then turned around and dismissed my book WITHOUT reading it. He even said so on his show in this clip, the big fat phony jerkfaced jerk of an idiot. Sorry, Rush, baby gets nothing!!!

Of course, I should point out that short vague reviews do NOT earn you a beer. Reviews such as "It's good!" or "I like it when that guy says the things and then stuff happens" would not fly with me at all. I'd moreso appreciate reviews that show to me that you actually read the book's contents. If you can do that, you get a beer from me. If you have the misfortune of not living in the same neighborhood as me, then just remind me of the beer I owe you either when you are in my neighborhood or I am in yours. That way everybody wins.

Once again, I thank each and every person who purchased my book this past Easter weekend. It is much appreciated. Thank you for letting me be myself again.

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