Friday, July 13, 2012


I haven't talked about my nephew on this blog for quite a while, not since he was a baby.  Well, he's 4 now.  So of course he's walking and talking and saying some amazing things.  Here's a picture of him (I think) saying one of those things now:

And, like most kids that age, he possesses a great imagination.  Recently, through his mother (my sister)  on Facebook, he sent me a drawing request.  Here it is italicized:

When it is convenient, Michael would like you to draw him a picture of an "Inkermink".  It has a BIG mouth with a zipper underneath on its belly, where it keeps its rubarb.  Under the zipper it has a BIG eye. It has no ears. The "Inkermink" is dark green and with bouncy legs as it runs very fast all over the place. It can eat the rubarb directly from his zippered belly. It can jump very high.

It loves to sing "everybody Inkermink"

Those were the directions I was given.  Therefore, without too much ado, I now present my interpretation of Michael GermainRichards creation, the "Inkermink"!

Imagine trying to hold a conversation with this creature while maintaining "eye" contact.  It would feel so wrong.  Well, anyway, here's the Inkermink.  I hope it's everything my nephew envisioned.

Really, every artist should have a 4 year old nephew or niece with a creative imagination.  It makes your job and profession so much easier and fun.  Embedded below is some video of him displaying just a snippet of his imagination.  Enjoy!

michael_spinning by Daffyduckandthedinosaur

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