Saturday, September 14, 2013

Welcome to the world, Jody

As of September 8, 2013 at 6:45 p.m. Saskatchewan time, another soul has maneuvered his way among the living.  He is my new nephew named Jody Douglas Martin.  (The reason I'm rather late in posting this is because all week I was busy with my all too demanding job as well as finalizing my latest comic book).
He's named after our cousin Jody whose life was tragically cut short when he was only 21 years old.  He was part of a construction crew working on the highway when a big semi truck (whose driver was undoubtedly asleep) was just not being careful.  Needless to say we all miss him terribly.  My sister was roughly the same age as Jody so they were very good friends.  Her naming her first born child after him will most definitely help preserve his memory.

As a welcoming gift, I have very quickly scribbled down this little drawing for him.  Although I don't think his little baby eyes can make out shapes just yet, I hope he enjoys it anyway.

So there's that.

Ok, world.  Like I said, my new nephew is here.  It is now up to you to make sure that there are enough finances and resources for little Jody to live a nice comfortable life.  Let's all see to it that he grows up in a very positive environment so that he can become someone very very cool.  All greedy corporate fat cats should definitely stop grafting money away from the people just to pad their own savings.  Really, Donald Trump can go at least one day with out eating a solid gold omelette.

No I can't.

OK!  So Trump is being an unmovable knob on this.  But the rest of you out there with too much disposable income should absolutely help give Jody a fighting chance in this world (and any other babies too if there's time).

And for those of you seeing this post and asking, "who's that crazy man in the picture yelling at the baby?"  Well, that is just my attempt at drawing that legendary rock 'n' roller The Big Bopper.  Like I said up top, I drew this very quickly.  So, below is a clip of Mr. Bopper in all his glory.  Enjoy!

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