Saturday, April 09, 2016

Here I Come, Fan Expo

That's right.  I'm going to be at this year's Fan Expo in Regina on April 23 & 24.  However, I will not be some mere costumed attendee just hanging out having some fun.  There's nothing wrong with being one of those of course.  Hell, I myself want as many of those people there as possible.  I say this because I will occupy at table in the Artist's Alley selling my most recent comic book Censor Monkeys Have No Class.  Posted below is the overhead map of the general area at Evraz Place.  I have highlighted in red where my table will be.

My table is labelled "a53".  I have no idea who the other artists are that will be beside me, behind me or in front of me.  So, if anyone reading this has also been lucky enough to receive a table either in Artist's Ally, the Retailer's section or the Community section, feel free to shout out your table numbers here.  Then we can all know who we are and be fast pals or something.

Besides my book, I'll have other swag and merchandise for sale.  Definitely come on over and buy something for yourself or as a gift for someone you love.  Let's all have a good time.

Of course, there's bigger reasons to come down to the Fan Expo as well.  There's a few celebrities that people in the Queen City may want to meet in person:

James & Oliver Phelps
They play the twins Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter movies.  I'm sure they have something "on the side" with those Full House twins.  Who knows.
Verne Troyer
He of course became famous for playing  Mini Me in two of the three Austin Powers movies.  But he also plays Griphook in the Harry Potter movies. 
Brent Spiner
He's most known as Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  He also played the villain in the ill-fated Dana Carvey vehicle Master of Disguise, but I'm sure if you mentioned that one to him he'll punch you.
Matt Frewer
He's best known as that super cool dude character Max Headroom.  For everyone who is Generation Y and younger and thus would have absolutely no idea who that was, I have embedded a clip of him below.  Enjoy!

Yes, it was the '80's!

Dirk Benedict
Best known as Face on The A-Team and Lt. Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica.  I am so stoked for him being there.  The A-Team is easily a childhood favourite of mine which I still enjoy today.
Sean Astin
He became most famous as Frodo's friend Sam in the Lord of the Rings movies.  He was also in such films as Rudy, Encino Man, and got his big start in The Goonies as a kid.
Trina Nishimura
She has done numerous voices for anime shows.  Her most recents examples are Ellen Mira Mathers in Date A Live II and Miyabi Azumaya in Dimension W.  (Yes I had to look those up)

Jamie Marchi
She's another anime voice actress.  Her most recent work are Yuka Amado from Maken Ki! 2 as well as Akira Aoi in Selector Spread Wixoss

It looks like fun will be had by all.

Another thing to keep in mind when you see me at my table is that I'm doing this while still working a full time job.  On the weekends that job happens to be a nightshift position.  That means for me Saturday day will be fine, but then I'll have to work all of Saturday night.  Then soon after I finish that night shift I'll have to go back to Evraz Place to be at my table all day instead of sleeping.  Following that, I'll be going back to work to do another night shift again instead of sleeping.  So on Sunday, I could be pretty wired.  Oh well, I did that same thing at Hal Con back in 2011 and at the AubCon back in 2014.  I am definitely prepared to go through that again.  Oh hey, I'd better give a nice shout out to my "sponsor" then.

...when sleep is not an option!
So, come one come all to the Fan Expo.  Wear a costume and have a good time.  I know I will.  I think I'll even live tweet the event just for a lark.  Of course, like I said, since I'll be coasting on little to no sleep on Sunday, some of those Sunday tweets could be to say the least interesting.  I'm sure we're all looking forward to that.

See you there!

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