Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I'm getting married!!!!

Yep! Sorry, lady ma'am.  It's true.  I am officially off the market and unavailable.

Yes yes I know.  It's truly breaking your heart but it's got to be this way.  There can only be one woman in my life and......

Whoa whoa whoa!!! Ladies!!! Calm yourselves!!!  My goodness I never meant to cause so much grief.  But you have to understand that I........

Rihanna?  Really?  You're distraught about this too.  I had no idea you had these feelings about me.  I'm flattered and touched by this but at the same time I have to.........

Philippines acting superstar Angel Locsin????  You too???  Ladies, please!  Simmer it down.  I need to get on with this post.

Yes, cupid's arrow has struck both me and the lady of my dreams right into our hearts.  I just got back from a trip to the Philippines where the two of us got the paperwork started for our marriage to happen.  My bride-to-be is a lovely and amazing filippina named Janet Alaan.

She and I have found happiness in each other's company because we...........

Oh hey, what now?  Come on, dude.  Janet is betrothed to me and thus no longer available to you.  You need to get over this.....

Quit your blubbering, Mr. Dawson's Creek guy.  I know Janet is gorgeous and amazing and so would be a great partner for any man.  I happen to be the man she has chosen so you need to.....

Guys! Guys! Guys!  You need to get a grip!  Maybe try to approach some of the crying ladies at the top.  They could use some comforting right now.

Okay, Adam Levine.  You stay right there and have a good cry about this.  Janet and I will be over here appreciating each other's bodies and souls.

Janet and have known each other for a few years mostly through the internet.  But, last November I took a trip to the Philippines to visit her in person.  It turns out we hit it off better than either one of us could possibly imagine.  We share a similar sense of humour too which is always a plus.
(A little side note to any and all Hells Angels reading this post.  At some point on this recent trip to visit, I earned the red wings.  I won't be indelicate and give any details into how that happened but I assure you it did happen.  So, Angels, if I ever decide to join your little gang, you'll know which jacket to pull out of your wardrobe dept. for me).

Besides a deep love for each other, we also share an equally deep love and affection for her little girl.

Her name is Raianne and is a very smart 7 year old.  Normally on this blog I only feature artwork that I have drawn.  Well this time I'm going to showcase some wok that Raianne made for me as a gift.

It's a little card she made for me.  It wasn't my birthday at all, but I enjoyed the sentiment.

Inside the card has some nice artwork too.  At the bottom left is a depiction of me, her mom, herself, and the little sister she hopes we make for her someday.

OOP!  I lied.  I will be posting artwork of mine in this post after all.

While I was there, I made a hastily-constructed drawing of one of my Censor Monkeys.  The American Monkey to be exact.  She then took the time to fully colour it.  She even added the little box that says who the monkey is and what his censorship agenda is.

This part right here.

Well, that was my most recent trip to the Philippines.  Like I said earlier, Janet is absolutely wonderful.  The rest of her family is also very friendly and have graciously accepted me into their circle.  I'm hoping this union lasts for at least 10 million years passed forever.

Now I'll end this post with something mushy.  Every couple has a song.  This is our song.  I sang it into the karaoke machine at her Aunt's birthday party and it was a beautiful moment.  So here is that same song embedded below.  Whether your a fan of early 80's Chicago or not, feel free to enjoy the song.

Janet Alaan, I love you!!!

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