Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Preview of Something to Come

The passed few months I've been pre-occupied.  I've been working on a Youtube video that I hoped would be done by now.  However it's been taking me much longer than I thought it would.  Having a full time job taking up most of my time doesn't help either.  Plus there is now an event that will cause a further delay in the completion of my project: pretty soon I'll be flying to the Philippines to marry this lovely lady.

I have dropped a few subtle hints about what that Youtube video will contain in recent blog posts, such as:





As well as this Facebook status that, as you can see, only my mom noticed.

Besides all of that, my upcoming video will also contain a bit of this:

This is what I think the video's thumbnail would look like.  If you find this attractive or not, let me know.

I'm hoping to have this video done before the year is over.  I'll of course inform anyone interested when it is up and ready for viewing.  See y'all then.

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