Friday, April 21, 2017

It's almost Fan Expo time again

Once again I have secured a table at the Regina Fan Expo (May 6 & 7) where I will be selling my comic book Censor Monkeys Have No Class.  Last year was lots of fun and I hope to have even more fun this year.  By strange and somewhat surreal coincidence, I will be seated at the exact same table that I had last year:

Fax Expo 2016
Fax Expo 2017
Crazy, right?  Well, hey, I consider this a very good turn of events for me.  Since I am already familiar with that particular area of Evraz Place I can use that space more to my advantage (but still stay within the expo's guidelines of course).

One thing not at all the same as last year is the list of celebrity guests who will be there.  This year they are:

Bret Hart - a classic WWE wrestler who hails from Canada.

Michael Cudlitz - he plays Sgt. Abraham Ford on The Walking Dead.
Bruce Boxleitner - I remember him from a now obscure show from the 80's Scarecrow & Mrs. King but he has earned his "scifi cred" by appearing on Babylon 5.
Pat Mastroianni - he played Joey Jeremiah on the Canadian teen drama series Degrassi Junior High (and later Degrassi High).
Stefan Brogran - a fellow alumni from Degrassi. He played 'Snake' on that show.
I hope they'll get the band back together and play their hit song!

Oh, but of course, I am saving the biggest for last.

The captain himself, William Shatner will be there.  If you need me to list this man's filmography for you then I will just say to you "congratulations on becoming a zygote in your mother's uterus.  You have 9 months of development ahead of you and then a grand emergence into this big beautiful world where you will become familiar with Mr. Shatner's presence in no time."

I would also like to caution that if Bill here says that there's a gremlin on the side of the Fan Expo trying to sabotage it, believe him.

For a full list of guests, you can check out the Fan Expo website.

I hope to sell lots of books/merchandise, see lots of great costumes and meet lots of fun and interesting people just like last year.  See y'all there.

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