Friday, September 22, 2017

I Am Kekistani

"Huuuuuh HWHAT???  Now what in the devil's blue balls is a 'Kekistani???  I demand to know!!!"  Whoa there! Calm down, home spice!  The video embedded down below will explain.  (Also watch for my appearance at about the 15:05 mark).

So that's a lot of what you need to know in order to understand the Kek culture.  I hope you can also see why I've declared myself a citizen of of the land of Kekistan.

The 'self appointed' Kekistan Ambassador (namely Jeff Holiday) here in this video mentioned that all this Kek stuff is essentially a spoof of something called identity politics, but didn't go into detail about what that is. It's basically this moronic and asinine practice of trying to look like the biggest societal victim.  On the left-leaning SJW side people do this by saying stuff like "I'm a woman so I'm more oppressed than you!"  "Oh yeah, well I'm a black woman born in poverty so I'm more oppressed than you!" "Ya, well I'm a half Chinese, half Puerto Rican lesbian with a tourettes (FUCK SHIT COCK 'N' BALLS) so I'm more oppressed than you!!" "Oooooooooh Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Well I'm a quarter Mongolian, one eighth African, two thirds Eskimo, midget, pansexual, half-calf, double-double, pigeon-toed, uncircumcised, snake handler with 100 toes and a two inch vagina on my face so I'm waaaaaaaaaay more oppressed than you!!!" and on and on in a downward spiral that goes.  But, also, on the right wing, you have the alt-right idiots saying something similar like "programs such as Affirmative Action are prejudiced against us white males so we're more oppressed now" as well as the the now infamous chant of "(non-white minority X) WILL NOT REPLACE US!!"
So this is how the concept of Kekistan spoofs both of them.  It kind of started when Pepe the Frog was declared a "hate symbol" by Hillary Clinton and the Southern Poverty Law Centre.  This lead to many memes and pictures of Pepe being taken down from many sites on the internet.  So, in that vein, a nation of Kekistan was born who then declared that "memes with Pepe the Frog on them are Kekistan's chief export and they are now being scorched from the internet, a veritable 'meme genocide' if you will.  Therefore, the nation of Kekistan and it's people are the most oppressed of all!!!". Something like that.

The opposite of a Kek is a Normie.  A Normie is either anyone who hasn't heard of Kekistan and so has no idea what it is, or is one of the aforementioned people who gladly participate in that identity politics and are thus highly resentful of having themselves spoofed in such a manner.
 So, to any and all Normies that may be reading this, no I was not at all "brainwashed" or swept up by any Kekistan 'propaganda'.  I have had 'kek' leanings for many many years I'd say.
You see, for as long as I can remember, I've always been an animation enthusiast, especially the Looney Tunes. So, I spent a better part of the 2000's visiting forums where I would discuss cartoons and their history.  I learned a lot in that time.  But also in that time, I saw a negative attitude about cartoons developing.

And this attitude increased 1000% whenever the cartoons known as the Censored 11 were ever brought up.  There were angry calls to "keep them censored" and "burn them in a fire" as well as many accusations of the original directors of these cartoons (namely Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, and Bob Clampett) were flat out 'racist klansmen trying to brainwash kids into accepting racism'.  I along with many animation experts tried in vain to use all of the facts we've amassed over the years about how those artists were far from the horrible racists they're being made out to be.  But it was no use.  That attitude had become fixed.  Little did I know it was the first rumblings of the regressive SJW agenda.
So, long before anyone had ever heard of SJWs, Pepe, or Kekistan, I spoofed these types of people with a creation of my own that I call Censor Monkeys.  Two of my books featuring them are available on Amazon here and here by the way.

They are very much a satirical spoof of everyone that claims that...

"Everything is sexist..."

"Everything is racist..."

...much the same way the whole concept of Kekistan spoofs these people.

As you can see, I have been a Kekistani for a lot longer than it's been a country.  So, out of solidarity with all my Kekistani brothers and sisters, I have fully "kekked" myself to show my commitment to the full emancipation of my people.

Shadilay, my dudes!!!

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