Friday, February 02, 2018

My daughter's dream

That is my daughter Raianne. I believe I've posted her image on this blog more than once. Oh well, if you missed her those times then you're seeing her now.

Recently I was having my daily correspondence with my wife when she told me of a strange dream that her/our daughter Raianne had the other night.  It was an exciting dream where she was being chased by a bad fairy.  Luckily, she was being helped by a little alien creature who resembled a bee.  Upon reading that, I figured that this could be a fun scenario to draw.  I asked for more details of the fairy and the bee alien to help me with this drawing.  Here's what I was given:

So I took all of that information and managed to whip up the neat little doodle below.

Just so I'm not having all of the fun, my daughter drew her own version of the dream she had.  Why not? It is her dream after all.  He's her work:

I think that looks pretty slick.  To me, the fairy resembles a young Katherine Hepburn.  I wish she would've told me about the happy tree in her dream.  I could've added that easily.

Anyway, kids are great, daughters are great, drawing is fun, and life is great.

So long for now, everyone.

Remember............. keep smiling.


  1. That is very slick. I think she should keep going and write a whole book about the dream.