Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Count Dankula Did Nothing Wrong

Well, it's happened. Today, March 20, 2018, in Glasgow, Scotland, a man was actually taken to court and found guilty for............. well................ making this video:

A nice adorable little video about a man having fun with his girlfriend's dog.  I say that because that's exactly what this is, a man and a dog enjoying each other. Nothing more and nothing less.  At least rational people with a healthy sense of humour think so.  However, the police force in Scotland have a different (make bat shit stupid) idea about what humour is and so they had this Count Dankula fellow arrested and put on trial.  The website Medium has a good writeup on it. You can read about the details here.

Ok, I'm assuming you've read all that. Now you can read my take on it.  WOW! So much projection and paranoia.  These people actually thought this man and this dog could 'inspire anti-semitic violence' and possibly trigger World War III or some shit.  And is his real 'crime' being "grossly offensive"??? In a perfect world, the good Count would be receiving a Pulitzer or Nobel prize for being grossly offensive like that, not a fucking court sentence.
 When I usually post about some situation like this, I put up a picture of one or two of my Censor Monkeys that correspond with said situation like on this post and this post and sure this old post. But this time, fuck it. There's no reason to pick and choose this time.  I'm just putting up all of them.

Ok yeah, maybe the Scientologist Monkey doesn't apply here. But then again I'm not completely ruling him out just yet.

As anyone can see this is a bloody farce of a circus of a trial going on here.  There wasn't even a jury of Dankula's peers. Just the Sheriff Derek O'Carroll being judge, jury, and you can bet he wanted to be the executioner if the courts would let him.  Since nobody was allowed to record anything at the trial we can only comment on first hand accounts from the people who sat in the gallery.  One such person is a controversial figure in the UK named Tommy Robinson.  He's been fighting so much against the forces of censorship pushing their weight around in the UK.  As of a few days ago, he won a victory for free speech by giving a speech at a place called Speaker's Corner,  a speech that another man had been arrested for and banned from the UK for trying to make.  Anyway, here's Tommy talking about what he saw happen when the verdict was read.

Sorry, this is a video on Bitchute and I couldn't find how to embed a Bitchute video on to this site.  So, to see the video you have to click this text as a link.

Did you hear what Tommy said at the end there? The sheriff/judge was just making an example of this Youtuber in the name of "diversity".  I believe the statement the judge made was "we live in a multicultural society now".


Two things about that.

one: THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY, YOU TOTAL FUCKING IDIOT!!! All of these various races of humans didn't materialize out of thin air. Every race we can see has been on the planet since as far back as humans can remember.  This is not anything new.

aaaaaaaaaaand two:  Do you, Sheriff Derek O'Carroll, actually possess the arrogance, the self righteous platitude and yes even the racial superiority to suggest that every single non-white person agrees with you on this verdict???  Are you really so goddamn full of yourself that you've actually developed a big enough saviour complex that you truly and sincerely think that you're helping every single marginalized minority member by rendering this censorious, authoritarian, and frankly anti-justice verdict???  Really, thinking this way is far more racist, condescending and yes even more dangerous than Count Dankula's video could ever be.  That's a similar mindset to say and 'old fashioned' man saying "Uh oh, guys. Stop telling all of them 'titty jokes'. There's ladies present."  Any self respecting woman would slap the face of any man using such condescension and rightfully so.  No one group is  a monolith that all feels the same way on every issue.
As proof of this, I've embedded the testimony of one minority member on his opinion of this verdict below.

That's one anyway.  If there are others let me know.  Better still, whatever race and/or gender you happen to be, feel free to leave a comment down below giving your opinion of this case's verdict.  Let people know that this miscarriage of justice (or more appropriately '3rd trimester abortion of justice') can not and should not stand.

But, as of now, the sentence has been delivered. The good Count and the rest of us can only wait one whole month for his punishment to be handed down.  I'm hoping it will be just a thorough spanking from a arbiter of his choosing.

"We'll do it!"

"Us too!"
That probably won't be it. But, we can still dream.

I'll end this blog with a musical number that would absolutely raise the ire of that Scottish courtroom. It's a clip from one of the greatest movies made by one of the best nazi-mockers of all time: Mel Brooks.  Enjoy it while you still can.

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