Friday, May 04, 2018

It's Fan Expo time again

For another year, I will once again be selling my wares at the Fan Expo here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  It will be on the weekend of May 5 and May 6 at Evraz Place.  And, like previous years, I will by selling my comic book Censor Monkeys Have No Class.

If you didn't get a chance to buy it the previous two times I had a table at the Fan Expo, then hopefully your luck will change and you'll manage to buy a copy this year.

I'll be located in the same spot in Artist's Alley I've been every time I book a table at this event.  To find me, just follow the arrows.

Like every year, the Fan Expo likes to invite celebrities to help draw in some big crowds.  This year, the line up goes as follows:

Jason Priestly - He's best known for his role in the teen drama Beverly Hills 90210.  He played the part of........... the guy with the hair that all the girls wanted.  Or maybe he was just hired to protect everyone else there from the wrath of Shannon Dougherty.  Actually, I avoided that show.  But, anyway, he will be there.

Megan Follows - She is best known for her portrayal of Anne of Green Gables.  I think everyone who was alive in 1985 and lived in Canada at the time saw this made for TV movie series.

Kristy Swanson - She is the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  You see, it was a movie before it was a TV show.  It would've been fun if the Expo had also invited Sarah Michelle Geller so that she and Kristy could have a pillow fight to the death and then see who is the superior Buffy.  Maybe next year.

Eugene Brave Rock - He's a Native Canadian actor who played The Chief in the most recent Wonder Woman movie.  I'm sure he's looking forward to constantly saying, "No, Gal Gadot is not here. Yes, I'll tell her you said 'hi'."

Charles Martinet - If his face is not at all familiar to you, it's because he's a voice actor who works with only a microphone for the most part.  He does that "It's-a me, Mario" type Italian voice in every Mario video game Nintendo puts out.  I recommend him for the lead in a Mussolini bio-pic.

Richard Horvitz - He's the voice of Ivader Zim.  He'll be there too.

I know from previous experience that the Fan Expo is lots of fun and I hope to have even more fun this year.  I will of course make a post on this very blog with photos and anecdotes about what I witnessed at or near my table, like I've always done.

See you all there.

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