Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Blazing New Book For My Nephew

I've been working on kind of a fun project for my nephew Jody (age 4) for some time.  I've used any spare moment I can find in between my full time job and any other household chores I have to do.  But now it's finally done. I made a colouring book with a fun story in it.

Yes, the book features two characters with huge copyrights attached to them so there is no way I could sell this for money anyway.  I'm somewhat certain everyone reading this has heard of both these characters: Blaze and Speedy Gonzales.  However, for the sake of those who are unfamiliar, I'll provide some video examples below.

Blaze of the Monster Machines

Speedy Gonzales

Ok, so now everyone is caught up and now familiar with all of the characters that are in this book? Good.  Feel free to read this epic saga below.  Enjoy!

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