Sunday, April 09, 2006

Another monkey has joined the family

There she is, the newest member of the Censor Monkey family. Her name is Feminist Monkey and she promises to be just as militant and unrelenting as the other monkeys. Of course, her main goal is to seek out and destroy (or annoy) any content in the media that could be perceived as demeaning to women. She was created too late to participate in the monkeys' previous adventure but hopefully she will have a prominant place in some future installment to come.

Incidentally, I myself had a run-in with a real life feminist monkey a few years ago. I sent a copy of my student film to a business in Calgary (I won't reveal the name of the place for fear of being confronted for slander or some such nonsense) that I hoped would transfer my student film to BetaSP so that I could enter it into a film festival in Germany. Well, I got a call back from them a few days later saying that they refuse to do it because my film.................. wait for it....................... glorifies violence against women. I never heard such Censor Monkey crap in my life.

Actually, you can check out that very same film in this previous post on my blog. Go and see for yourself if you agree with that monkey in Calgary or not.


  1. Sheesh, now we can't even kill evil witches?

  2. maybe the real life "feminist monkey" thought that transfering an animation with a dusty film filter on it to actual film would make her look like she did it wrong and got dust all over the film. Then combined with her real-life struggles to deal with an abortion trauma and the over welming resentment she feels towards germans, she realized it would be a sin against her moral code to do anything with your cartoon...

    the cartoon is pretty funny by the way. I was tottally watching it with an eye for mysogony and was pretty disapointed when all sexs were done away with equally....

  3. see

    wwho decides what music to use? How about a series cartoon about billy nd the rockets? Dressed like space cadets or something?