Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I decided to commemorate Mother's Day with a Three Stooges film. "Why?" You ask. Simple. Do you know where the likes of Moe, Shemp, and Curly got their style of slapstick? Their mother. That's right. She would always use some kind of a physical assault in order to get things done. I remember reading in Moe's autobiography about one such incident. He was about 4 at the time. His parents were having a gathering of friends. Then, someone said something or did something to make her upset. L'il Moe knew this was trouble so he hid out of sight under a table. When he re-emerged, he saw his mother standing in the middle of the room holding a slightly bent umbrella and a lot of people rubbing their heads in pain.

That's the wonderful thing about mothers. Besides giving birth to you, spending your first 6 months of life tending to your evry need without a break, and supporting you throughout the rest of your life whether she approves or not, she could also inspire an enduring comedic routine that would please millions of people for decades.

So, as you watch Grips, Grunts, and Groans today think of all the wonderful things your mother has done for you. And don't forget to say "Thank you, Mama Howard, wherever you are!!"

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