Friday, February 11, 2011

I made some ink

I drove down to Dalhousie University today to pick up my copy of the Gazette because I know that new issues come out every Friday.

According to the cover, this is the Feb 4 - 10 edition. Anyway, I turned right to the comic section and there it was...

That's my comic in the bottom right hand corner. It's hard to make any of it out in this blurry image. If you live in the Halifax area, you can easily pick up a copy of the Dalhousie Gazette yourself. It is free. For those that don't, I do happen to still have that comic filed away in my computer. I'll post it right here for all to read. Enjoy!

They liked it, of course, (they wouldn't have printed it if they didn't) and I'm glad. But, now that I look at it, the comic seems more depressing than funny to me. Oh well, the important thing is that my work is out there in the media giving me some name recognition. That can only lead to good things. I hope I get many more comics printed in the near future (as well as more books sold. Jesus Needs Help is still on sale.)

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