Sunday, February 20, 2011

Unpublished again

Some time ago, I posted a comic that I had submitted to the Dalhousie Gazette that they didn't accept for various reasons. Well, it's happened again, although for slightly different reasons.

The one that was rejected before was more political in its nature and so their objection was more based on the lack of civility in my opinion. However, this one is not political in any sense. It's just a small joke that they found disturbing. It does feature a bit of nudity so it does push the envelope for that reason too. I thought the joke was strong enough to overcome both those conditions, but I guess I miscalculated a bit. I've posted it
below. You be the judge.

It comes across as a rather risque Addams Family gag. I also notice that the punchline is a very
blunt mixture of sex and violence, much like AC/DC's song Shoot to Thrill. As disturbing as that is to some people, the thing that I find most disturbing in this comic is that Mrs. Hannibal
Lecter came out resembling the Progressive Insurance lady. I don't know where that came from.

I'd also like to mention a rather small belated anniversary. My blog here turned 5 years old
last Friday. In those 5 years, my blog has survived 2 trolls, one published book, a small smattering of comments, and a huge wave of indifference. It's true that blogs aren't nearly as popular with artists as they used to be. Some have been taken down while most have been abandoned. But, I'm certainly not going to let that stop me. I'm not one to jump on and off bandwagons just to follow a big crowd of strangers. As long as there are vast easy-to-use search engines like Google around, I know my work and my voice will be accessible to everyone.

Happy birthday, little bloggy. I can't wait for another 5 years when I'll probably be uploading files from space.

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