Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Michael's and Gabriel's creature

My nephews are at it again.

Some time ago, Michael had imagined a creature that he called the Inkermink.  Being the artist that I am, I naturally drew it for him and thus brought his vision to life.  Well, this time his younger brother Gabriel is helping him out.  Together they described a new type of creature.  Here are the exact features they envisioned:

Sharks for hands
Cars for feet
Pants made of eyeballs
Eyes made of hair
Hair made of feet
Fingers made of thumbs (thumbs made of belts)
Ears made of glasses
Face made of a football 
Brain made of TV (pops his brain out to watch tv)

And so, immediately down below is the result:

So there you have it: Michael's and Gabriel's own creation in all it's glory.  Personally I think they're ready to work for Nickelodeon, don't you?  I will now leave you all with the two of them having fun at Christmas time.  Enjoy!

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