Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My two pennies about the Gregory Allen Elliot trial

Firstly I will say that I am SO VERY VERY HAPPY WITH THE VERDICT!!!  Of course he's not guilty.  It should never have been a case in the first place.  I'm not going to type out all of the details of the case here because that would make this post way too long for one.  Also, really, the whole situation is so inane and stupid that I would feel absolutely nauseous while typing it all out.  So, for those of you that need to be informed of this trial, first go to this article: Eight Important Things to Know About Gregory Allen Elliot's Twitter Trial.  Read that and then come back here.

See?  Pretty ridiculous, right?

For all the people who, when I was selling my Censor Monkeys comic book at various venues, would walk passed scratching their heads wondering "what's this all about?"  Well, this bullshit case is what my book is about.  Essentially, Stephanie Guthrie acted like a toxic combination of the Feminist Monkey and the Nazi Monkey.  As the first aforementioned monkey she, of course, came at this through an extremist feminist agenda, and as the Nazi she omitted her own bits of harassment against Mr. Elliot, created a fake Twitter account that resembled his in an effort to slander him, and she spread false information about him being a paeophile to try and "seal the deal".  Add to that (as if there weren't enough red flags already) one of Stephi's cohorts Paisley Rae actually coerced a Toronto policeman to enter this into a federal court as a real case.  Talk about trying to establish a police state.

Free legal tip: if you have to make stuff up just to get the basic requirements of a conviction, then your case is full of shit!  No exceptions!  It's stupid, counter-productive, and down right evil to abuse the court system and make attempts to violate a number of free speech laws just to try and win a petty Twitter feud.

As expected, many of the hardcore feminist-types taking Stephanie Guthrie's side were not at all happy with the verdict, Buzzfeed being one of the worst.  Although, you know what, instead of feminist, I actually think the term "femi-nazi" or something like that would actually be a much kinder term to use in this case.  Misandrist manticores maybe?  I say that because I'd hate to lump these hate-filled harpies in with all the brave suffragettes who made great strides for women in the past such as getting the vote and such.  I practically grew up in a single parent household after my father died.  Without the achievements of those pioneering women I probably would have starved to death a long time ago.

Meh, I'm sure I'll think of some other term before this post is done.

Anyway, however you wish to refer to them, many of them posted tweets like this:

Yeah, that's nice.  Although really, it's Steph Guthrie's actions that have put women in more danger more-so than Gregory or even 1000 "creepy" Twitter guys ever could.  My explanation for this is two-fold:

A) Did she really equate to Mr. Elliot using one of her hashtags as "malicious stalking putting her in fear for her life"?  Really??  Has she ever even talked with any First Nations women who have been maliciously stalked in real life, many of which were very close to someone who was stalked and murdered?  I think everyone involved in the Idle No More movement would love to come give Ms. Guthrie's head a shake over that one.

OOOH!!  Did I just "white privilege" her dumb ass?  Didn't mean to.

B) Her little game of crying wolf here will set a dangerous precedent for and harassment or even rape trials in the future.  If you thought women weren't believed enough before, it'll be worse.  The public (and juries) will be thinking "is this a real case or is someone else 'pulling a Guthrie'?"  Then you'd better hope to God, Buddha, Tom Cruise, Bacchus, or Andromeda that both the evidence holds up and/or the opposing lawyer is not a divine expert in diversion and spin.  Li'l Stephie just put so many women's lives in danger!!! Way to fucking go!!!

Oh, was that last statement a little too hyperbolic?  Well, guess what??!!  I also have iron clad evidence that Steph G is a disgusting pedophile.  I've posted it below:

If anyone can find any way to debunk this absolutely authentic and damning evidence without even 1% of doubt, I'd like to hear it.

Well, as they say, it's literally all over but the crying now.  The verdict is what it is.  And just for the fuck of it, here's my depiction of Stephanie Guthrie after the verdict was read:

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Hilarious!

Like it's been said before elsewhere, both freedom of speech and freedom of expression were put on trial and emerged victorious.  What was also firmly established was that under the law, not only can the "right to not be offended" not in any way be enforced, in a truly free society it can't exist.

Also, before I get inundated by various SJW's, censor  monkeys, or any other digital fiends from the darkest corners of the internet screeching at me, I would just like to say that no this rant of mine is not putting down all feminism.  That would be foolishly throwing the baby out with the bath-water as the saying goes.  What I AM saying here is "Hey, feminist parents! Pick up your baby and dump out that disgusting shit-filled bath-water already!!!"

I will now conclude this post with a song by the great (and sadly now late) David Bowie.  It's a favourite of mine and I hope it's a favourite of yours too.  Take it away, Ziggy!  Wham! Bam! Thank you, ma'am!

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