Tuesday, January 19, 2016

One more ally in the fight against censorship

I found this person while fumbling around the social media universe.  Online she calls herself Adriana Game Over.

She is quite a talented artist with many many fantastic pieces that can be seen on her very own website here: Adriana Game Over  (you can find her on Twitter and Facebook as well)

However, there is particular art piece of her's that got my attention.  It was this comic featuring characters she calls Social Justice Rangers:

I'd say that's a perfect compliment to my own Censor Monkeys, wouldn't you say?  If there are any other artists creating content like this, be it making comics or any other art form, I'd like to know.  With our combined powers we could all inspire every single SJW online or otherwise to run and hide into their "safe zones".
Yes, that's actually a thing now.  In a deluded effort to reshape the whole world into their image, SJW types have created areas they call safe zones where "no objectionable content is allowed".  Holy shit! This is the new Duck & Cover, or at least there's a similar paranoia behind it.

That's right.  They think hiding in some arbitrarily chosen space (and possibly urinating around it's border) will protect them from all the big bad "xenophobic dialogue".

Here are some other "like-minded" individuals who created safe zones for their ideologies:

Charles Manson - he and his followers had their safe zone in a ranch just outside Los Angeles and talked all about their belief system while there.  Read your history books to find out how that ended.  Spoiler: not well!

David Koresh - he and his cult established their safe zone inside an abandoned school bus outside of Waco Texas.  But then they came up with the bright idea of turning their "safe zone" into a "dangerous zone" by lighting the whole bus on fire while they stayed inside.  Hmmmmm! Maybe these SJWs should follow their example. :P

Heaven's Gate - cult leader, whom I believe was named Whogives Ashit, convinced a small number of people to live at his safe zone retreat, cut off ties from their family, shave their heads, and castrate themselves.  The carrot he dangled was the promise that when the Hale-Bopp comet came around there would be a spaceship waiting to take them off to paradise on another planet.  But, in order to get on that ship they all had to drink some poison-laced punch i one massive group suicide.  Again, something SJWs should consider. :P

Glenn Beck - he has made mention that he would like to create a gated community where everything adheres to his values.  I'd gladly let him wall himself off in the newly formed nation of Glennbeckistan, but only if he agrees to take along some of Heaven's Gate's yummy yummy punch.

Although, I think this is the most accurate depiction of an SJW entering a "safe zone":

And there you go.

Like I said, visit Adriana Game Over's website as well as her Facebook and Twitter.  It would be a good idea to support her with a purchase of her art work if she's selling.

Come to think of it, you can support me by purchasing either on my comic books on sale Jesus Needs Help and Censor Monkeys Have No Class.  Together we can make a difference.

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