Sunday, February 05, 2017

My SJW video on Dailymotion

So apparently a lot of people are having trouble seeing my video on Youtube.  That's because of two copyright strikes.  One was for a rather long clip from a Quantum Leap episode.  I fully accept that one.  I thought I did a clever enough editing job on it that it could fall under fair use but I was mistaken.  The other strike took be completely by surprise.  It was for a clip of Frank Zappa reading his speech at the PMRC hearings.  The group that claim they own that clip called it a "song" which I found baffling.  Below is a screen shot I took of that copyright notice I got.

Oh well.  Hopefully Dailymotion will be more forgiving.  Anyway I've embedded both parts of my video below.  Enjoy!

Instead_of_saying_sjw_why_not_say_this_part1 by Daffyduckandthedinosaur

Instead_of_saying_sjw_why_not_say_this_part2 by Daffyduckandthedinosaur

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