Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Yes, they continue in their quest to spread censorship across the globe. If you need to refamiliarize yourself with these monkeys, please refer to their previous post. Enjoy!!

You don't need to read this. I'm just making a transcript of all the dialogue in this comic so that people can more easily find it using Google.

Black Panther Monkey: Great job, my Muslim bruthas. But don't stop there. Many other comic strips have racist content. For instance, Horrible Hagar is a highly offensive stereotypical image of Norwegians.

Horrible Mother Monkey: Not only that, Horrible Hagar also promotes the use of violence. This is a comic strip I definitely won't let my children read.

American Monkey: Worst part is, none of these comics truly supports America. "Expeshily" that commie Doonsbury. Either you love my country or you GET OUT!!

Arab: Well, I'm definitely out.

Priest Monkey: Also, do not gaze upon the images of Garfield or Dagwood. They promote the deadly sin of Gluttony which is forbidden according to the book Nehemiah 8:10 - 12.
Other unclean heathens who violate the Bible are those homosexuals Snoopy and Woodstock. In fact, any two males on friendly terms with each other promote the gay agenda. Bert & Ernie! Spongebob & Patrick! George Bush and Dick Cheney! The list of perverts goes on and on. Check Leviticus 18:22.

Arab 1: Bible? Is that like the Quran?

Arab 2: More like the Torah with a sequel.

Psychologist Monkey: According to my calculations, Dilbert's constant sardonic remarks against office politics could cause real office workers to rebel and thereby disrupt the world's economy. It could happen!

Victorian Monkey: I also strongly object to the comic strip B.C. because it promotes the secular notion of evolution. I grew up with more traditional values.

Nazi Monkey: Yavolt! Ve must deschtroy vat it vas dat schtarted zis all in ze firscht place! MONKEYS, ATTACK!!!


  1. very funny! and insiteful!

  2. You are brilliant and weird without taking a breath. Very funny.

  3. This was as good as the first one, if not better. And thanks for adding the Feminist Monkey (even if it was too late).

  4. Hey, Dave. I'm teaching Social Studies now, so this stuff is making more sense, plus I teach English so the whole censorship thing is funny to me. Awesome, dude. I am totally admitting to being related to you :)

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