Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I probably should introduce the Censor Monkey's to everyone. I'll read them off in no particular order.

Victorian Monkey: She wants to revert everything back to the stuffy and represive Victorian era.

American Monkey: He looks for any anit-American sentiment lying within the context.

Priest Monkey: He looks for anything sacreligious and can back up any other monkey's complaints with a bible verse or two.

Horrible Mother Monkey: She spends much more time looking for objectionable content than she does raising her own children.

Psychologist Monkey: He looks for anything that could be psychologically damaging.

Black Panther Monkey: He looks for any racist content.

Nazi Monkey: He helps the other monkeys use nazi tactics to enforce their wishes onto any and all works of art.


  1. These are wonderful characters. I'd like to see a cartoon that shows the idiocy of some of the political correctness that has gotten way out of wack in our society. Political correctness has become the new "censorship" in today's society - no different than the burning of books of days gone by.

  2. Dave, this is Miss Marnie from the GAC site. I just wanted to say I like your characters (and the subsequent comic strip) and ask you have you ever considered adding a feminazi Censor Monkey. You know, a Censor Monkey who would object to women being "mistreated" by men. She'd be like the American Censor Money who's against anti-American content, but it would be a female, just like the Victorian Snob Monkey and the Horrible Mother Monkey.

  3. Yes, Miss Marnie, I had recently thought about something like that. It certainly is a good idea. I'm almost done their next "adventure" so it's too late to add her now. Maybe in the next one.

  4. I love the Monkeys and would love to see more of them.

  5. I love the Censor Monkeys! When are we going to see more of them?

    I also have a suggestion for a new censor monkey. Something along the line of an Animal Activist Monkey. This character could look into any work of art, literature, etc. for content in which an animal is abused.

  6. I think the America Monkey is disrespectful to Americans and their values. I think your work should be censored.