Friday, August 18, 2006

Jeff Mullet

Here's another TV show idea I have. It's about this guy named Jeff Mullet. Basically, he thinks he can do everything when in actual fact he can do nothing. He'll walk around this great big world of ours. Once an episode, he'll see a job that needs doing and instantly think that he's the ideal man for that job. He'll then fake his way into the area, assume the duties, screw them up completely, and then get run out of town or wherever it all takes place.

By the way, everyone who went to animation school with me knows EXACTLY who this guy is patterned after. ;)


  1. pimp daddy19/8/06 4:31 PM

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  2. Nice premise. I'm Lauri, and I have my own blog called "For Human Consumption". It's not really ready for show (I only have one blog up, and it's a "Welcome To My Blog" entry), but I'll letcha know when it is.

    All of your cartoons (particularly The Censor Monkeys) look like they have great potential, but you probably know that already.