Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Paula-Jean's birthday

Remember this sister of mine? Well, I have another sister. Her name is Paula-Jean and she turns 28 today. Her double name is a combination of both our grandma's names, Pauline on the maternal side and Jeanne on the paternal side.
Her basic personality, she's cwaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy. But that does help when working with kids. Thusly, she manages many youth activities at the YMCA in Medicine Hat, Alberta and from what I've heard she's doing a bang-up job of it too.

If you know Paula-Jean, leave her a happy birthday comment on this blog or even just say "hi". But, if you don't know Paula-Jean, don't say anything because you suck. >:P (No, I'm just kidding. You can leave a comment if you don't know her as well, but still realize that you do indeed suck. >:P >:P )


  1. 28 years ago you were a pain. You still are. I told him to draw you pretty - as usual, he didn't listen. Happy Birthday kiddo.

  2. Hi Bloggers,
    This is Paula-Jean herself...that's right. Thanks David for the ever-so-flattering picture. I can't wait till your birthday next year cuz I'm gonna spend trillions of dollars on a bunch of art classes and then really embarrase you!! H..ha...how does that feel...I'm dumb. Have a good one.
    Respect, PJ