Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New possibly controversial monkey

As the text under the picture indicates (I must emphasize this in as big and bold a text as I can), THIS IS NOT AN IMAGE OF THE ISLAM PROPHET MUHAMMED!!! What it is though is a representation of the zany Muslim zealots who go nuts whenever they see an image of Muhammed or even if they think they see his image. Worse yet is that they try and justify their violence by stating how these images defile Him so much. There are some recent murmurs like this over an episode of South Park from Season 5 (an episode I happily own on DVD by the way).

Nation of Islam, I'd like to be frank with you for a bit. I'll start by telling you a brief bit of history of the Catholic Church. For years and years, all the masses and other ceremonies were done entirely in Latin. This was a practice continued well into the 20th century. However, this caused many people to decry this church as out-dated and irrelevent to today. So, in 1960, something called Vatican II was organized. This brought many religious leaders together in order to hold a series of meetings so that they could find ways to modernize the church while still keeping with its traditional values. One of the things thankfully thrown out was the Latin. This and a few other changes brought many parishoners back to the church and Catholicism is still quite strong today, minus the priest/boy molestation of course. No, the church is indeed not perfect, but noone has any malatav cocktails to throw at anybody.

Islam, you need a Vatican II equivalent now more than ever. Or maybe you needed one back before Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush started this whole mess.

In any case, the monkey above will be joining these monkeys along with this monkey and these wittle monkeys too. Watch for all of them in a new adventure coming...................... I'm not sure when.


  1. yes, of course Islam is the only major religion that refuses to make concessions with modern times.
    i don't see why you have to apologize for that fine drawing though. you aren't a muslim, so i don't think their medeival doctrines regarding the portrayal of Mohammed should apply to you.

    i vote more monkey's dressed like Mohammed!


  2. I wasn't apologizing so much as I was telling people not to blow things up because of this picture. Did you see what some of them did to a KFC when those Muhammed cartoons came out in Denmark back in February? Keeripes!!!! My statement was merely a plea for "not being a total jerk".

    No, never apologize for creating art no matter what.

  3. That's very cool, along with the two Scientology ones you made a while back. I think you should (or should have) made a Censor Monkey who's against animals being mistreated unless that sounds redundant because the Censor Monkeys are animals themselves and there hasn't really been an outcry about mistreated animals on TV and film.

    Hey, for your next Censor Monkey comic, you think you can tie it in with the Looney Tunes since the fourth DVD is coming in about three months. The Looney Tunes cartoons have a lot of content that's objectionable in the eyes of the CMs (including depictions of Nazis and Hitler for the Nazi censor monkey, racist content for the Black Panther Monkey [including Daffy being black and therefore the victim of all sorts of abuse while Bugs is white and free from harm--supposedly of course, the seemingly godlessness of it all from the Preacher Monkey and possibly the "Not Mohammad" monkey, the risque humor for the stuffy, Victorian-era monkey, the lack of good female characters for the Feminazi monkey, and so forth and so on).

    Whatever you choose to do, I hope it's as good as your first two.



    PS: you can e-mail me at candaceelder2002@yahoo.com if you wanna talk about Looney Tunes or whatever. I'm doing essays about the cartoons I've seen now and when I was a kid and what they mean to me now. I would love to have someone comment on them...and you...you just might be the guy.