Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Scientology Monkey now has a mate

I figured that he should have a companion. Someone to follow him around everywhere no matter where he goes or who he tries to censor next. (You can thank Chris Muzyka and Tamara Klughart for the suggestion). Yes when these two get into their Disturbing Behavior it makes you want to Go jump into Dawson's Creek and hope that Batman Begins to come to your rescue and............ ha ha ha!

Naw, I'm not going to do that again.

Just enjoy the picture and leave a comment.


  1. Dave:

    Are you grinding though those Preston Blair Drawing classes that John K has been moderating? They're LOTS of fun!

  2. Well, I did buy the book so I might as well. It would certainly help more than hurt. It would be somewhat of a review for me, but everyone needs a review once in a while.

  3. From John K.'s blog:

    Katie Holmes analyzed:

    Her head shape - her forehead is a triangle coming to a point on top;
    her lower face is kind of squarish.

    short chin

    Her eyes are wide apart and droop down on the outsides.
    Her nose is short and stubby and broken in the middle

    she has a little mouth when closed but big when smiling-her lips are wiggly and she has millions of little teeth that aim in as if they've been pushed in by something that shouldn't go in there

    she has giant ears

    does that help?

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  5. Tammen Stephens20/8/06 4:52 AM

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