Friday, May 12, 2006

Scientology Monkey

Yes, another Censor Monkey has joined the family. His name is Scientology Monkey. He feels that Scientology is the Top Gun of the world so he will go Far And Away to make sure noone has their Eyes Wide Shut to its glory. Sure, it's Risky Business. It may even seem like Mission: Impossible. But, unless you have All The Right Moves, there's nowhere to hide from The Firm and tough monkey when he starts Losing It. >:P

Scientology Monkey now joins his kin folk that were introduced in this post and this post.


  1. wow, these drawings are really bad.

    where's the construction? the appealing shapes? the flowing lines?

    you should get your monkey back from whomever you paid to teach you to draw.

  2. Hey Dave, I read your post on John's Blog and I think you can get your monkey back by doing what he suggests in his animation lessons. It doesn't hurt to go through the Preston Blair book page by page and it's always good to go back to the fundamentals. Actually I'm going to go for it and do it too. Character construction is something I'm very weak at and it's limiting for making solid acting choices. Good luck and keep drawing!

  3. Should also add too(even though I know you're kidding) that James and Gord did their job. What John is talking about with breaking things down to simple shapes and using good solid construction is exactly what they taught. I'm not dissing Steve because he had good info but he over emphasized line of action and the other principals and neglected some very important basic fundamentals. The cogsworth rotation was suppose to remedy alot of those problems.. it was probably my weakest assignment so that's why I'm going to continue to go over this stuff until it's solid. That's all I got, later!

  4. Hi David

    no that wasn't me.

    Just keep at it!

    Your pal,


  5. Keep it up!! Keep pushing your work!!:)

  6. I thought it was funny!

    Billy (from AWN)

  7. his face is hilarious.